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  1. I'm no raider but our tribe was wiped and has nothing better to do. We might give it a go.
  2. Weird question. You got a giga? Our tribe keeps getting wiped by a giga and snow owl using battlemetrics. We are looking to get revenge. They took all my cryotames and the whole tribe split and we even remade characters trying to escape them... Just two of us now
  3. Battlemetrics is another issue. The fact that anyone can find any player on any server! Oh my stars! You can tell if they are online or offline what server they build in. What coordinates they frequent... That has got to somehow fall under invasion of privacy, seeing as people could use it to tell if you're home or not and get your IP too.
  4. I've been having a problem with someone on a giga and his friends on a snow owl attacking our base. They use battlemetrics to track us server to server. I've changed my xbox name. I've made three new survivors. If you keep getting hit it is probably them using battlemetrics. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark Added in edit: We can't see their names and the tribe log books just say "-all tame names here and us- killed by giga". We can't even get past a stone 4x4, before the same group shows up and wipes us.
  5. EXACTLY! Though I have no idea what you just said...
  6. I have even had to change my Xbox account name to try avoiding him, but turns out I need a whole new account or it can continue!
  7. Help and Removal of Battlemetrics We are being trolled and hunted from server to server, by someone using Battlemetrics. I paid to play this game, just like everyone else. One troll using a program made to tell where anyone on any server is at anytime, has been following us on his Giga and Snow owl. I can't see his gamertag I can't record if I'm respawning every 2 mins, after being killed by someone too high up to see. How am I supposed to enjoy a game I'm being stalked in. It is unfair and the continued allowance of raiders and trolls using Battlemetrics to stalk me, is highly unethical. I can't see the persons tag and can't build with my tribe. Every last tame has been killed. I have made 3 new survivors. Xbox player on Xbox official. How can I deal with this, when I can't even capture anything because I'm too busy respawning across the map? They have stuff far more advanced than us and battlemetrics on their side! We cannot continue playing the game. Odin's Beard. A tribe we worked with through two servers, is also suffering the same fate. Us, "BOB's" unfortunate enough to encounter people, using battlemetrics, never even get a chance. His in game name was Mookie. That is the only thing I could catch. 3 survivors in and I'm ready to start actions to have you forcibly remove this ability. How are we supposed to progress? He has caused so many people to quit playing... that means you're losing money because battlemetrics. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark
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