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  1. The difference in terms of stats for dinos is huge. Same goes for xp multipliers. i recently switched to multiplayer settings and my argent who was like at 900 % melee ended up at around 300% and all my hunting dinos had to grind like crazy to catch up on the "exceeding" xp they had accumulated with SP settings. Personnally i'm fine with all the extra buffs of this SP setting except the dinos stats increase, the difference is just way to big imo.
  2. I thank you for your patience and the time spent trying to figure out the issue. The problem might be on my side apparently. i will try to upload the file of my SP save with the help of a friend, as i'm pretty bad with such things…. But i can tell you we have a "similar" issue on our private sever as well, it's def not as bad though: we can see our ice wyverns on Crystal isles (uploaded from valguero) in the wild dinos section of arkviewer (again, with no name). But besides that everything is working fine on the multiplayer side. cya soon mate and have a good one !
  3. Hi mirage, First off big thanks for your hardwork on this wonderfull tool we have been using on our private server for about a year. Today i wanted to check my dinos on my single player save of valguero, but my tames only appear when i click on "wild creatures". Moreover they have no names. All the other wild dinos on the map Don't appear there except a few ones freshly spawned by the game. I have tried to view my save through the single player option on valguero and through the "file selection" option where you choose the precise pass for ark viewer to scan your save. Both gave me the same result: my tames appear with no names and only in the wild creature section with almost no "true" wild creature visible in the program. If you have any idea of what's causing this, i'll buy it Ps i have no mods active and i haven't done any wipe for ages. I might try to wipe soon and see what happens. Thanks for your time and keep it up my friend !
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