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  1. valguero1094 lags and teleport back server is getting a lot of lags and near crashes and a lot of lag backs, there are more then the average players that are online, and some in which are fishy and skecty, just a hunch I think theres a bot usher griefing in server causing others to lose progress in lag and crashes and to steal, it needs to be fixed I really want to enjoy this event, but cannot because of the unbearable lag and and lag back, please fix this issue, I just want to enjoy a nice event without the lags and crashes, the anniversary event was kind of a let down due to the crashings
  2. my slight theory im pretty sure theres a DDOSER in server, because these crashes aren't crashing me to the server list/menu, its fully closing out the game to the point of needing to reload the game fully and log on
  3. Unknown Crashing and Lagging on Valguero1094 Server 1094 of Valguero1094 is experiencing none stop frequent crashes, lag spikes, and major teleport back, my theory suggest update still buggy, or someone is duping and glitching in server majorly causing other to crash or probley being Ddosed, not sure but it needs to be fixed. another thing to suggest, that the Tek Transmitter This Early morning had no Ark Data and that you couldn't transfer off server, but now of 1:26pm it seems to be back to normal, havn't tried to change servers as im needing to work on things at my base, but cannot re
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