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  1. I'm having a problem that I can't make the Scale quality percentage go up any higher, around at least 10% or 12% and not the stats. I put all the settings back to normal (at 1.0, default.) and tested out which setting is affecting the Scale quality percentage by, whenever you imprint your baby. My settings for Singleplayer (Not Server); Baby_Cuddle_Interval_Multiplier: 0.021 Baby_Imprinting_Stat_Scale_Multiplier: 20.0 (Testing Out) Does the Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier ONLY affect the stats on the baby by the number you set than the Scale Quality? If so I'm fine wi
  2. @Pipinghot That is kind of nice gesture but it would mostly help out of fighting bosses, for my purpose. In which case just putting points won't always work in your favor. I do appreciate your way but I really want to know of how to work out the stats. Wildcard wouldn't had added it if you could get the creatures points or in this instances how much points they get for each stats separately, which are sadly not visible. But at the time I let my brain cooldown a bit for a day, I later discovered Dododex that they have a stat calculator that can show of how much points the creatures actuall
  3. So I lately took a look at my stats (as suggested by title given but about to talk soon.), I suggestively randomized each one for every stats just to make some creature breeding to be averagely over powered but not to the extreme. For some reason when I do tame a creature/Dino for some reason when I put a point into it gains too much. Like for what I experience take a Doedicuris, it's weight stat was 204, the moment I tamed it wen up to 250 and was like "okay not too over excessive" but the moment I put a point in it (for gathering resources for now.) went up by 100 points in weight. Like I ca
  4. Ever since Wildcard have gave us the TLC for the Stegosaurus and the Mammoth along with some added features and attacks to other creatures. To breedable creatures that weren't breedable before and having some stat balancing to make the game great for us. I think it's time for Wildcard to start working on Primitive+ mode since it has never gotten ANY and I mean any updates, fixes, weird quirkiness and crashes. Ever since the update Primitive+ hasn't gotten any attention along with issues mostly dealing with creatures that haven't been up-to-date with the TLC-3 and I took a look at everythi
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