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  1. I'm having a problem that I can't make the Scale quality percentage go up any higher, around at least 10% or 12% and not the stats. I put all the settings back to normal (at 1.0, default.) and tested out which setting is affecting the Scale quality percentage by, whenever you imprint your baby. My settings for Singleplayer (Not Server); Baby_Cuddle_Interval_Multiplier: 0.021 Baby_Imprinting_Stat_Scale_Multiplier: 20.0 (Testing Out) Does the Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier ONLY affect the stats on the baby by the number you set than the Scale Quality? If so I'm fine wi
  2. @Pipinghot That is kind of nice gesture but it would mostly help out of fighting bosses, for my purpose. In which case just putting points won't always work in your favor. I do appreciate your way but I really want to know of how to work out the stats. Wildcard wouldn't had added it if you could get the creatures points or in this instances how much points they get for each stats separately, which are sadly not visible. But at the time I let my brain cooldown a bit for a day, I later discovered Dododex that they have a stat calculator that can show of how much points the creatures actuall
  3. So I lately took a look at my stats (as suggested by title given but about to talk soon.), I suggestively randomized each one for every stats just to make some creature breeding to be averagely over powered but not to the extreme. For some reason when I do tame a creature/Dino for some reason when I put a point into it gains too much. Like for what I experience take a Doedicuris, it's weight stat was 204, the moment I tamed it wen up to 250 and was like "okay not too over excessive" but the moment I put a point in it (for gathering resources for now.) went up by 100 points in weight. Like I ca
  4. @Weaselman3324 You're weren't the first to have the issue. I reported that issue before within 5 hours so, yeah, guess everyone on console are having this issue now. Hope Wildcard does fix the issue within a few days, give'em like 2 or 3 days but any longer than a week then they're doing something else that's important than fixing our issue that we're facing.
  5. Ever since Wildcard have gave us the TLC for the Stegosaurus and the Mammoth along with some added features and attacks to other creatures. To breedable creatures that weren't breedable before and having some stat balancing to make the game great for us. I think it's time for Wildcard to start working on Primitive+ mode since it has never gotten ANY and I mean any updates, fixes, weird quirkiness and crashes. Ever since the update Primitive+ hasn't gotten any attention along with issues mostly dealing with creatures that haven't been up-to-date with the TLC-3 and I took a look at everythi
  6. Xbox | Mining Drill making sound when not Equipped This bug has been an issue since I transferred my character across different maps and started using the mining drill and still makes the sound from the motor. Started with Genesis: Part 1, just so I can mine a little faster and to unlock it but whenever I equip it and then put it away the sound happens still. Apparently logging out and logging back in fixes it but it's continues on every time you use it. I happen to made the same bug report for the one on Valguero and I haven't gotten a response from one of the Wildcard staff members th
  7. Xbox | Crystal Isles, Handheld Map | Player's Position doesn't align Grid Map with GPS Coordinates Simply put, whenever you open the map from your character while also having a GPS at hand and you place down a marker of where ever you are in the world, you put the coordinates down from your GPS to the Map marker. For some reason it doesn't align perfectly well when looking at the map on Crystal Isles when you put the coordinates down of where your player's position is really at. Actual example that I did I was at Latitude 27.1 and Longitude 24.7 and when I looked at the map, a
  8. Xbox | Primitive Plus | Character standing up on Dinos when pulling out Map This one isn't really complicated or hard to re-enact either. Started the game up, made a saddle for my recently tamed Pteranodon and mounted I then pulled out my map to see where I needed to go but when I was doing this I was in third person (Right Bumber) the moment I got on and viewed the map. I did miss-clicked when I wanted to view it in first person but it caught my eye when I went into third person. Then decided to test this if it does to the other dinosaurs and I can heavily confirm that the character is stil
  9. New Adjustment | Adding 'Said' Amount to Stacked Items Slider Couldn't word it right in the Title but I'll get straight to the point and hope some people will find this a great suggestion for PC and Console and maybe handheld. I know there are Mods like Stacks Mod and many others that can make items stack up to 1000 or to 9999 but let's say to keep it at a realistic approach to say to only 900 or just to 1000. Having an option of setting stacks to your preference would be nice. Take this as an example say you want all berries and seeds to stack up to 200 and as well of throwing in veggi
  10. Console & PC Addition | Adding a Split ALL Items and Divide ALL items I had this thought just recently of having to being able to splitting items easily with just one button just by holding it down. The two buttons are obvious when you open your inventory to Split One and Split Half, they are 'X' and 'Y' buttons. This would make having to split items much easier and they can have a prefix of how many you want to split ranging to 1 through 10 or whatever Wildcard would set it to, while there being another option of setting one by putting it in [said amount]. Holding down the 'X' b
  11. Xbox Bug | Carnivore Aberration Creatures not eating Meat [Prime and Mutton] This has been happening every single time when I come down to the aberration area on Valguero that alot of the carnivore creatures are not eating the prime meat, prime fish, or mutton. And there were alot of them that aren't even eating them to the point where I lost 5 - 9 or 10 levels of taming effectiveness just using regular meat and it's really bad. I haven't tested with the kibble yet and if it's affecting the carnivore aberration creatures that aren't eating them then Valguero needs to have a update for
  12. Revamp Beehive Amount and Spawn Rate for: Valguero, Center, Extinction, & SE This is going to be a poll of whether if the community of Ark, and gamers, want the beehives in selected maps to have a slight better spawn rate and how many. Lately I have no luck of getting beehives to spawn, it tends to be highly randomized to where I don't get any from the one spot of where they are the most common at but then to not spawn common, uncommon, or rare to get. And when I tested it you can get lucky of getting tons to spawn in one area to none ranging from around 5 - 10 tries and decided
  13. Xbox Bug | Valguero | Wooden Raft and Motorboat not disappearing when Demolished Some what self explanatory but with some details. Wooden Raft and Motorboat are not disappearing when you demolish them and can still be seen in the water floating on top the corral and/or rocks. And when you go near it acts like a regular raft /a boat and has a full collision as if it wasn't destroyed despite it being destroyed. And upon further testing if it's near to a surface on the edge of a beach to where you demolished, it will still be there and still won't despawn over time. But if you try to get
  14. Okay turns out you can only have windmills are certain altitudes. Apparently you can't go beyond half up the mountain range heighth since it just make windmills not to work. However anything lower from mountain range heighth below works just fine. So sorry for making this a bug report but with only one question though, how the heck do windmills not work higher up? I mean there are windmills in real life and some of them can be at mountains and still work.
  15. Xbox | Ragnarok | Windmill not working Self explanatory the Windmill in Ragnarok isn't working and shows the Windmill is 'off' but for some weird reason it is working, it's also showing it has power but doesn't want to transfer the energy over to turrets and the chemistry bench. It's also not showing the yellow glow when it is getting powered so there's that. Also turns out there was a starting windstorm coming that prevented the windmill from working because the windstorm immediately came the moment I placed down another windmill and turns on. (Rant Moment after realizi
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