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  1. Console & PC Addition | Adding a Split ALL Items and Divide ALL items I had this thought just recently of having to being able to splitting items easily with just one button just by holding it down. The two buttons are obvious when you open your inventory to Split One and Split Half, they are 'X' and 'Y' buttons. This would make having to split items much easier and they can have a prefix of how many you want to split ranging to 1 through 10 or whatever Wildcard would set it to, while there being another option of setting one by putting it in [said amount]. Holding down the 'X' button would split all items to one item that do NOT stack while having the 'Y' button to split all in certain stacks from what I mentioned. If they're not in the right amount it will try and split the right amount but having either an extra one in one stack or more. Would this be a great suggestion for Console and PC as well, it would sound quite nice to have if you don't want to try and mash the 'X' button over and over and the same for 'Y' button as well?
  2. Xbox Bug | Carnivore Aberration Creatures not eating Meat [Prime and Mutton] This has been happening every single time when I come down to the aberration area on Valguero that alot of the carnivore creatures are not eating the prime meat, prime fish, or mutton. And there were alot of them that aren't even eating them to the point where I lost 5 - 9 or 10 levels of taming effectiveness just using regular meat and it's really bad. I haven't tested with the kibble yet and if it's affecting the carnivore aberration creatures that aren't eating them then Valguero needs to have a update for certain. I'll update my bug report to see if kibble is or isn't affected so do expect a comment reply under my bug report soon, I'll let everyone know that it is or isn't affecting the creatures or the others are testing this for themselves to see it happen. I haven't tamed enough creatures for the different kibbles yet, so it's going to take awhile till I can confirm my bug report. If I get people saying "No it's not bug. You just need to log off and log back in and it fixes that problem." yeah that may have fixed it but if you're heading back and forth constantly having to go down to the aberration area where it keeps on happening, it needs to be reported as a intentional bug. That's not supposed to happening every time.
  3. Revamp Beehive Amount and Spawn Rate for: Valguero, Center, Extinction, & SE This is going to be a poll of whether if the community of Ark, and gamers, want the beehives in selected maps to have a slight better spawn rate and how many. Lately I have no luck of getting beehives to spawn, it tends to be highly randomized to where I don't get any from the one spot of where they are the most common at but then to not spawn common, uncommon, or rare to get. And when I tested it you can get lucky of getting tons to spawn in one area to none ranging from around 5 - 10 tries and decided to try the other maps and, yet, had a good chance of getting more than one in a area. The only maps that tends to do this the most making beehives not spawn them are listed in the title. And yes I have done this since a week ago and it's annoying to try get them to spawn. So would anyone agree that beehives should get a revamp of spawning and amount in a area or something that Wildcard aren't going to? Who knows.
  4. Xbox Bug | Valguero | Wooden Raft and Motorboat not disappearing when Demolished Some what self explanatory but with some details. Wooden Raft and Motorboat are not disappearing when you demolish them and can still be seen in the water floating on top the corral and/or rocks. And when you go near it acts like a regular raft /a boat and has a full collision as if it wasn't destroyed despite it being destroyed. And upon further testing if it's near to a surface on the edge of a beach to where you demolished, it will still be there and still won't despawn over time. But if you try to get on it you can slide a bit and go into the water but if you don't have enough momentum you can get easily stuck on it when I did it but I had to use a 'Cheat Fly' command to get out of it. So hope you can easily fix this problem because I had to delete the save on the Valguero map to where I had alot of progress but only then to not think ahead, or I'm just forgetful, and not to put down a raft or boat in the water.
  5. Okay turns out you can only have windmills are certain altitudes. Apparently you can't go beyond half up the mountain range heighth since it just make windmills not to work. However anything lower from mountain range heighth below works just fine. So sorry for making this a bug report but with only one question though, how the heck do windmills not work higher up? I mean there are windmills in real life and some of them can be at mountains and still work.
  6. Xbox | Ragnarok | Windmill not working Self explanatory the Windmill in Ragnarok isn't working and shows the Windmill is 'off' but for some weird reason it is working, it's also showing it has power but doesn't want to transfer the energy over to turrets and the chemistry bench. It's also not showing the yellow glow when it is getting powered so there's that. Also turns out there was a starting windstorm coming that prevented the windmill from working because the windstorm immediately came the moment I placed down another windmill and turns on. (Rant Moment after realiziation that the Windstorm is needed to power the Windmill.) You've got to be KIDDING ME. Turns out you NEED the windstorm to power the windmill in Ragnarok and now looks like I might be playing the other Maps that can still use the windmill even without the wind... luckily though windmill is STILL working in the other maps just as fine. So yeah, looks like I'm not playing Ragnarok again because of that. So anyone else wants to see this for themselves go ahead and you can tell just by that alone. So, yeah, if this was an intentional feature guess that fine but I guess I have to start using the utterly loud generators when I want something really quite.
  7. Yeah, hope so @Zanzanagi. And maybe grab some people in the Ark community and have them to get my report out, needs to be fixed someday so that Wildcard can sees this. Just imagine like taking 3 weeks or 1 month later that Wildcard decides to see someone else reporting the same bug that I'm doing. But yeah I'll do the same to get others as well, wish us luck.
  8. Xbox | Console Command 'GFI' and 'giveitemnum' Not Working Self explanatory the command to do Cheat gfi and giveitemnum are not working for Xbox and maybe the same for PS4 but I don't know since I don't have one, only the Xbox. It's the numbers is mostly the problem but I can put in a number into 'Quantity' but after that to Quality then it will go completely blank the moment you a number into 'Quality'. Even tried to "Enter Command" to see if it did work but it didn't, just blank. So this could be reoccurring old bug from the past or I have to wait for the other two updates for Extinction and Aberration to get finish then maybe I can use the 'gfi' and 'giveitemnum' again. Might be the cause since they haven't finish updating just yet, Extinction is at 1/4 of the update done and Aberration is in queue for the moment. But if I still can't do the command 'gfi' or 'giveitemnum' even Extinction and Aberration gets finished updating then it looks like there will be another update for ARK itself and its Story Maps and Custom Maps, just to fix them. Also I have tested it and those commands still do not work at this moment of time in my report when tested. But for the people who have console, Xbox and PS4, has this effect y'all as well and if so hope everyone can contribute to getting my report to be sent to Wildcard but it's not affecting y'all then I just have to be patient to let the update finish. If I do re-edit my report then I'm confirming that it's still not letting me do the command but if I don't re-edit my report, then I might delete this report and say the it's no longer a bug.
  9. Xbox Bug | Aberration Mushrooms glitching Hunger when trying to eat Cook Foods Been having this problem with only Valguero custom map, Aberration DLC, and Extinction DLC because I hope this can be fixed in the future or it no longer occurs because I haven't replayed the others yet but will soon. Might remove my bug report if it is fixed but isn't then my bug report stays. Whenever I eat aquatic mushroom, through a full stack or half of the mushrooms, and after I try to eat any cooked foods (i.e cooked lambchops, prime meat, regular meat, prime fish and fish meat.) it doesn't fill up my hunger bar. My hunger was at 50 points left and when I ate one of the cooked meats after consuming the aquatic mushroom, the only mushroom that can glitch the hunger still, it didn't go up and I slowly started to die from starvation. But the sad but kind of okay part is when you die from starvation when you re-spawn back either your base or near the re-spawn points close to your older bases you can eat cooked meats again. Hope I made my problem as elaborate and how it happen for the mushrooms to mess with the players hunger out a bit because this is what happened to me just moments before I purchased those.
  10. Rintrahhh no it didn't work, even if I waited a little longer than what they did it still did nothing. I have a suspicion they might have used a Mod to make the beacons spawn naturally and I know there are Mods that can do that, but if they have evidence of the supply beacons spawning they should've shown a video of it happening for PC or Xbox because only Xbox can let you record the clip and show it to others. Not saying they're a lier but if they don't show evidence of it happening within a few days then they're indeed lying.
  11. I know we all still have this issue and I've made a bug report recently 4 days ago about this and even after the recent update the supply beacons still haven't spawn. But as we know it's Wildcard, they take their time to fix bugs that we're facing right now. Until Wildcard decides on fixing the supply beacons we might as well play some other games til it gets fixed. But annoying that it's been 4 days and haven't played but then I decided to play Ark to see if the update did anything, sure enough, the update did absolutely nothing. I'm hoping Wildcard are too focused on their other games like Atlas and PikArk or something else, they should focus on the first priority and it's getting on to fixing the supply beacon spawning again. Hope everyone understands this situation and I hope you have a somewhat of a good day/evening/night even if you can't play Ark because of the problem, until then play some other games like I'm doing right now after this reply.
  12. I reported the bug so it should be fix in due time but it asked for a server name and the thing is I don't actually make servers and I just had to with singleplayer for said server name. Not an actual server but if they can't find the server named Singleplayer then they need to specify to be either just singleplayer or an actual server. So hope they will fix it and make a patch note soon.
  13. Yeah. Just hope my bug report will be noticed that the community will see because this needs to be fixed like I mentioned before. Hope you can get others to see this and maybe the Ark Staff that reads the bug reports as well, this need to be addressed and hope Wildecard sees this. Just pray that it doesn't take like a week or month for them to fix this, I really want this to be resolved. But it might be because they need to make sure the beacons are spawning correctly and hope this doesn't happen again in the nearer future. Because this already happened once in the pass and it's back again. Also while on that subject, should I make another bug report of supply beacons going through the Maps and DLC's landscape? Just before this ever happened I had supply beacon going through the ground, like through unmineable stone and skeletal fossils. Heck even the really important red supply drops even does this and I still can't figure out why it does this short of thing. Like you clearly have easy access to it but yet it's treating the supply beacons as if they haven't touched the ground yet. I even heard a supply beacon but couldn't find it and decided to admincheat ghost and, to my surprise, a supply beacon went through a cliff side. I didn't screenshot it but this is the first that ever happened, which by the way the supply beacon that went through the landscape was on Ragnarok and never does to the others. Except Abberration, that map uses cave beacon drops in the lower area but could be the same for the upper area where you get actual supply beacons. I may even end up making another bug report of supply beacons going through landscape (i.e Unmineable stone and skeletal fossils.) once they fix my first bug report of this issue first. Hope they will see my reply to you because that too needs to be fixed.
  14. Certain Maps & DLCs Not Spawning Supply Beacon Drops (Survival Evolved Mode) This might be a reoccurring bug, from what I read from Reddit and other websites users reporting the bug that date back or no supply beacon drops. Read one from 2016 to 2018 posts, but one of them was talking about in 2018 mode for Primitive Plus of there being no supply beacons dropping, so I won't count that. So I started up the Maps and played all of the DLCs and roughly played for a solid 30 minutes or waited 24 in-game hours, and here are the results. Right now The Island, Scorched Earth, Extinction and not counting the orbital drops those are still working but only the supply beacon drops, The Center, Ragnarok, And Valguero seems to be sharing the same problem as well, literal no supply beacons dropping anywhere. Hope Wildecard will fix this problem very quickly soon because as of now I'm going to be waiting until the supply beacon drops comeback in the latest patch note. Has this ever happened to anyone else lately or is this just a bug on my end, where I'm not getting any supply drops at all. Don't want to uninstall and reinstall all the DLCs again, it will take literally a week or two on my end because of our families bad internet speed.
  15. Spicing Up Ark | New Primitive Weapons/Utilities/Armors and New Creature This is something that I had on my mind that could feel more like Ark but still keep the feeling of it being very basic and not too overwhelming but hope the Ark community will like them. So first starting off is adding new utility that everyone may like or have an opinion and it's bio-medical brew, a medicine that's heals x3 more health (120 Health) from a regular Medical Brew and last for 10 seconds. But it will be the one medical item that has a 15 or 20 seconds cool-down timer before you can use another one and to craft the Bio-Medical Brew is 2 Narcotics, 2 Bio Toxin, 20 Tintoberries, and 20 Azulberries. Along with it being different same brew time for the Medical Brew which is 40s in Cooking Pot and in Industrial Cooker be 4s. Up next is 2 weapons and that is the Narcotic Tipped Pike and Bio Toxin Tipped Pike. Just like the one from the steam workshop, except the Bio Toxin Tipped Pike, but it will have a durability and once it breaks, you can no longer repair it or try to repair it with Pliers. Would be overpowered for SOTF or even for PvP servers if it was repairable and will be only weapons that will not have blueprints to make them stronger. Next one up is adding a armor that has the same effect to a Ghillie armor but slightly more durability, armor protection, but quite heavy and it's the Camouflage armor. Same concept to the Ghillie but has a slightly higher more being seen less for dinos during the day but, even better, when used at night you're completely invisible to all dinosaurs but if the dinosaur touches your character they will attack or flee. And no doesn't really make your character invisible, it's rather being to-be-seen type. The Camouflage armor does have blueprints and can be found in Purple, Yellow, and Blue Drop Beacons so it can be very powerful BUT there's a catch, it will not have a Ascendant rarity but will be maxed at Mastercraft to help prevent it being better than Flak or even Riot. To craft it requires actual Polymer, not organic. So no easy making this armor cheaply. The recipe is relative to primitive Ghillie armor but it's doubled and can be only be crafted in the Fabricator. Lastly the new creature is the Ox. The creatures will two different appearances one being a female and a male. The females have a purpose that they will very slowly produce milk when giving it berries or a slightly faster milk production when feeding it veggies but it's preferred food for more quantity is longgrass and its favorite. The Milk has a use to and it's to help make baby dinosaurs speed uo their maturation process but very little imprinting if your more in a rush of getting more dinosaurs for making kibble production. And the baby will not ask to be fed with Milk either. And for the male Ox it's like it's predecessor to the Trike but has a slightly longer stun phase when charging. But it gather berries quite well when using the bite attack while the other will gather both berries and fiber using the horn attack (Right-Stick click). So... what does the Ark community group think of these?
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