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  1. dinos disappearing So i tamed 3 feroxs 2 cryopod 1 left out come bark the next day the ferox i left out is goon. Tryed this again released a ferox out of the cryopod restart the game and the ferox is no were to be found.
  2. ok thanks but it basically make the managarmr useless because it can only do damage throw its main attack and breath attack can only be used it you can just stay out of enemy attack range and the dive attack was doing it something good having it do about 1500 damage but 95 make it basically impossible for it to do anything it cant even kill a high level dodo at that. thanks but i hope make it do a little more damage in the future because at the rate its going they might as well be decoration's @TheDonn
  3. that was back in December this just start to happen when 304.441 come out
  4. i hope so to cause i play alone a lot and now my main mount cant do damage. Its like throwing a raptor at a giga, its dead in seconds
  5. managarmr dive attack weak my Managarmr attack damage is at 1055.3% yesterday thee dive attack hit for 1500 now hits for 95
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