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  1. That's what the Wikipedia-page I linked earlier says
  2. So far it sounds like the Wikipedia-article is just wrong? I struggle hard to understand what @AwesomeRon did, but since it is a private server I am playing on with x5 on breeding times (and everything related) with the current event running as well it takes 15 minutes of gastation-time for my wolves and reduced cooldowns as well before being able to mate again. That said: Do I really need low-level stats on Sta, weight, etc? The article says on official servers dinos level 450 get deleted, but I don't know if this also counts for unofficial servers - because if it doesn't I don't have to look for low stats at all, right?
  3. Explicit question on breeding 'super' dinos Hi guys, first things first: I don't feel like this is the right topic and know there is a breeding-section in the forum, but I can't access it due to low posts-count - so here I am. I am kind of new to breeding, read about it and am trying to implement it on Direwolves (god I just love wolves!). Now, how to breed a super-dino? I was looking this up, ending at the Wikipedia-article about mutations, where it starts with these steps: Step 1: Breed a dino with good stats and have Mat and Pat combined less than 20 Mutations - done, I've got a few females and one male with the maximum stats I could breed together and mutations not exceeding 20. Step 2: Get a newly tamed, low-level dino with 0 in unwanted stats - done. Step 3: Go wild with breeding and get an outcome that: - has 0 in unwanted stats and high points as possible in the other stats (could get that to work) - has 0 Mat and 0 Pat mutation. That's what I understand, but I struggle in reducing the mutations, what's the way to go here? How can I get a 0/0 child outcome with the parents being (females) 6/9 and low level (male) 0/0? I tried around, thought only the parents would inherit the mutation-counter, but after trying to breed the first outcomes (6/0) together I ended up with 6/9 again, I guess the mutations from the grandparents being back in the count. Could someone explain me what I am supposed to do to reduce the mutation-counter?
  4. So I found 4 Deinonychus eggs lying all next to each other around 83/70 at the beach. No nest. I picked those eggs up and after that everything fixed itself. Weird. Maybe it helps other people.
  5. Deino Nests not despawning / spawning Hi there, I couldn't find any answer, just other bugs, I am trying to farm Deinonychus eggs, for which I am killing the Deinos around. Now I am running into 2 issues: - Either the nests aren't spawning at all anymore (do I need to keep the Deino's alive?) - Or I also have plenty of empty nests that neither spawn eggs nor do they disappear like usually I don't get how it works, can someone explain it? Additional information: I am palying on the map Valguero on my own dedicated server hosted by Nitrado.
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