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  1. Noticed the same on my server, we are trying to find Embers for quite a while now.
  2. Here is the fix: In the GameUserSettings.ini there is a line looking like this: ItemStackSizeMultiplier=ItemStackSizeMultiplier=1 Fix it to this: ItemStackSizeMultiplier=1 (or whatever you had there, 1 is the default) And everything should work again - unfortunately the items that stacked before are lost, but you might be able to revert to a save-file using the new setting. Nitrado firetrucked something up with the update 2 days ago.
  3. I know that's not your question (but your second line should work without killing all other stacks), but as far as I know you shouldn't use the ItemStackSizeMultiplier, it messes up a lot of stuff, best example would be Cryopods, you can either lose or duplicate cryo'd dinos depending on how you stack them. I personally used a quite long list of items that I wanted to be stacked to amount x and left the rest with the it's usual stack-size.
  4. Even easier: In the south-west area are a lot of beever-dams inside and near the rivers, you can get a ton of mushrooms, rare flowers, cementing paste and wood from them (make sure you can carry enough to run away with your goods from the Casteroides that will get angry^^)
  5. I can add on that: Playing with barely no mods, we build a taming-cage - a structure with a behemoth door on one side, a big dino-doorframe on the other side (without a door), fence + walls around and a roof on top. To tame a wyvern we aggro one with a Griffin (Griffin are faster than normal Crystal Wyvern). They lose aggro quite fast, so you have to annoy them a little With the Wyvern behind your Griffin you can fly through the behemoth door (the Wyvern will fit through it) and escape through the big dinosaur doorframe (the Wyvern does not fit through it, but the Griffin does). Then yo
  6. I've read somewhere that turbines don't work at night-times
  7. Package verification won't work if you have players that had the initial Mod-map installed. Make sure players downloaded the correct map (the one that doesn't have "ISO" in the name) again.
  8. Yeah, that bug exists since forever, I had Argys walking around and my Bloodstalker - all points into movementspeed - ran away right into a hoard of wolves and got eaten
  9. Server: Customize Stack size without mods Hi there, I've a dedicated server for PCs and since there are also EGS-users playing I am unable to use any mods - EGS doesn't support mods yet. I usually use the Stack Mod XXL, but now I am looking for another way and found the "ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity" here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration Also I found a long list of all items already, but I am unsure where to put this and if it needs all items explicitly mentioned. I don't want to wreck stuff (despite having backups), so I was wondering if somone could tell me i
  10. Griffin bugs Hi there, never had a Griffin and as far as I know they were intially created by Modders and then made public and official - might be the reason why they seem different. I noticed 3 things: Their turn-animation (when not sitting on them) looks atrocious, similar to an old 3d-game where creatures only have very few graphics from different angles. It seems like the direction they are facing gets updated every second - which isn't much and not comparable to the smooth movement of literally any other dinosaur and also makes them appear as if they are teleporting around a
  11. Same here, but playing on a dedicated, non-official server. Noticed it when logging in that the sounds are stuttering for some moments and also was flying on a Pteranodon and suddenly the sounds of the flapping wings were gone, same as some sounds for other Dinos that disappear sometimes.
  12. Unfortunately I don't think there is another way else than your mentioned ones.
  13. Due do the Wiki-article: No
  14. I have 2 premades who couldn't launch CI (rather they didn't have any surroundings, floating int he air, just saw some dinos). The issue was that they had the CI map when it wasn't official and the game tried loading that map, but the map changed. To fix the issue they had to download the map again (make sure it's not the map with "ISO" in the namem because that's the wrong one).
  15. We also set the rate of Dinos to x2.0 because it felt void - and then got hunted down by a pack of 20 wolves >_> But will keep the setting for now
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