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  1. [PC] Genesis Server, 10 Slots, german/deutsch, low ping, casual Hi there! I am not exactly looking for players, I am casually playing with 2 friends (all around level 70, no bosses done yet) and wanted to offer other players to play on my server. I am mainly looking for german people, the reasons for this are that my tribe-mates don't have decent english-skills and the server itself is located in Frankfurt (Germany), so living here will result in a really nice and low ping (around 15ms for me). However if anyone (including non-germans) is interested just shoot me a message here in the forum and I'll hand you out the IP and Password to join Mind that we are a peaceful and mature server, any violations trying to get around it (i.e. dropping wild creatures with an Argy into other players bases) will result in a permanent ban. Server is doing a daily backup. Here are some details about non-standard settings: Mods: Super Spyglass Kaetokid's Stack Mod -XXL- Basic Settings: BattleEye and VAC -> enabled Active Event -> Same as official servers Genesis Settings: Allow TEK -> true Restrictions: HideDamage -> false Gameplay: AllowFlyers -> true Difficulty -> 1.0 (max Level of wild creatures is 150) PreventTribeAlliances -> false PVE: DisableFrindlyFire -> true AllowFlyerCarryPve -> true Multiplicators: TamingSpeedMultiplier -> 5 MatingIntervalMultiplier -> 0.1 (it's 1/10th of the usual time until a female can breed again) EggHatchSpeedMultiplier -> 5 UseCorpseLifeSpanMultiplier -> 4 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier -> 5 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier -> 0.2 Unfortunately there's currently one known bug you might also want to know about: For whatever reason there are no Karkinos, Casteriodes and X-Otter spawning in the snow biome, already tried a wipe of all wild dinos but that didn't help, so right now we have to live without them. That's it, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask them here as well
  2. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/226850348-How-to-Transfer-Your-Survivor-to-Another-Server-Safely Just on this map? Because here is a full, official guide on what I wanted to do, STep 1 and 2. Upload survivor, go to another server, download survivor. These are completely missing, the only way to transfer I found was Step 3 and that one only lets you transfer to other official servers. So, where are the options for the first 2 Steps?
  3. Transfer survivor from Official to Unofficial Hi there, Can't say I tried, but after a week now without being able to hit a singole Dino because of the lags and the ping I decided to go back and play on an unofficial server. I wanted to upload the survivor, but noticed that the only option I found is to 'transfer to another server' and if I hit the button I get a list of other official servers. I am completely missing the stupidly normal 'upload survivor' button that would let me download the survivor on my private server. Can anyone help? Am I blind? Is it a bug?
  4. Tician

    EU crazy ping.

    I thought this is about official servers, I am running a private Server on Nitrado as well and have no issues with that one
  5. Tician

    EU crazy ping.

    In the lobby it says 50 or lower, but in the actual game it's nearly always 200+ I just started on official servers and I already hate it, it's impossible to kill a stupid sheep because it keeps teleporting back and forth, I can't hit anything
  6. Running a dedicated server, no issues with the big biome, but even after 2 wipes there are no Karkinos, Otters or Casteroides spawning in the arctic biome
  7. Bloodstalker changes Anyone gets how the new Bloodstalker works regarding pulling other dinos (since today's patch)? Sometimes I can have them hooked for 20 seconds, sometimes just 3 and very often the net just cuts off while I am pulling my prey. I just need to bump on the tiniest of stones on the ground and it's gone. Also: it's absolutely impossible to do literally anything when the Bloodstalker is in climbing mode. You can't pull out a weapons or a Spyglass, because it's absolutely impossible to hit anything, the Bloodstalker keeps rotating like a freakin ballerina.
  8. Detailed Patchnotes Why is it that the patchnotes are always missing half of the stuff that get changed? For latest Patch for exmaple: - Removing the 'infinitely hook' on creates from Bloodstalker - Removing Cryopods from the store on Genesis - Removing violent taming method for Ferox etc. This is really annoying me to no end, plus it would reduce the millions of posts from people thinking you are bringing bugs into the game.
  9. Noticed it with Otter and Casteroides as well, can't find any, killed everything in their spawn-area to have some space for respawns but they just don't spawn
  10. Tician

    Ferrox Bug

    Latest Update also destroyed taming Feroxy on my unofficial server. Neither with arrows nor with Element working
  11. That's what the Wikipedia-page I linked earlier says
  12. So far it sounds like the Wikipedia-article is just wrong? I struggle hard to understand what @AwesomeRon did, but since it is a private server I am playing on with x5 on breeding times (and everything related) with the current event running as well it takes 15 minutes of gastation-time for my wolves and reduced cooldowns as well before being able to mate again. That said: Do I really need low-level stats on Sta, weight, etc? The article says on official servers dinos level 450 get deleted, but I don't know if this also counts for unofficial servers - because if it doesn't I don't have to look for low stats at all, right?
  13. Explicit question on breeding 'super' dinos Hi guys, first things first: I don't feel like this is the right topic and know there is a breeding-section in the forum, but I can't access it due to low posts-count - so here I am. I am kind of new to breeding, read about it and am trying to implement it on Direwolves (god I just love wolves!). Now, how to breed a super-dino? I was looking this up, ending at the Wikipedia-article about mutations, where it starts with these steps: Step 1: Breed a dino with good stats and have Mat and Pat combined less than 20 Mutations - done, I've got a few females and one male with the maximum stats I could breed together and mutations not exceeding 20. Step 2: Get a newly tamed, low-level dino with 0 in unwanted stats - done. Step 3: Go wild with breeding and get an outcome that: - has 0 in unwanted stats and high points as possible in the other stats (could get that to work) - has 0 Mat and 0 Pat mutation. That's what I understand, but I struggle in reducing the mutations, what's the way to go here? How can I get a 0/0 child outcome with the parents being (females) 6/9 and low level (male) 0/0? I tried around, thought only the parents would inherit the mutation-counter, but after trying to breed the first outcomes (6/0) together I ended up with 6/9 again, I guess the mutations from the grandparents being back in the count. Could someone explain me what I am supposed to do to reduce the mutation-counter?
  14. So I found 4 Deinonychus eggs lying all next to each other around 83/70 at the beach. No nest. I picked those eggs up and after that everything fixed itself. Weird. Maybe it helps other people.
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