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  1. If anyone ever reads this: Don't use bred dinos, use wild ones that you tamed, they work much better. Also make sure that no player is even close to the Noglin or else it runs away and you need to reset it. At least this is the experience I made.
  2. Verifying and fixing files worked.
  3. ... you die. The game behaves as if you died, the music changes and the Window pops up that leaves you the chance to create a new survivor or respawn at a bed or a random location. You can't close that window. Chosing to spawn at a bed or relogging both fix the issue and revert you back to your character. Havn't tried the option to actually create a new survivor. Steps to reproduce: You need 2 players in the same tribe, a friendly (tamed) Noglin, a wild Dino with lower level than the Noglin (maybe a Carbonemis) and a saddle for the wild Dino Player1 needs to pick up the Noglin
  4. But you have to do them every single time someone did the mission... or you can diasble all worldbuffs completely.
  5. Have you read the solution I provided? Try the server setting mentioned above, it fixed the issue weeks ago, you just have to add it to the server settings. bEnableWorldBuffScaling
  6. I've read that usually it's the mods fault, but my game just has one mod (super spyglass) and that one is working fine for my friends. So what I did: Transferred Maewing from Gen 2 to Gen 1 server, both players that did the same with me were fine. We could teleport around Gen1 and wanted to catch some Blood Stalkers. We could teleport to the bog biome, all 3 players on Maewings but when we moved somewhere below a tree my game froze and then crashed with the error below. I can't log back in, every time I want to join that server I crash in the loading screen. My friends can play just fine,
  7. I thought this fixed it, but I tried it again yesterday and nearly the same happened, the only difference is that the timer is missing the "-1" behind that it has in the first screenshot. Steps to reproduce: Pick up a friendly Noglin to your shoulder Mount (with the character) any ridable Dino Move close to a wild Dino so it will stay infront of you (while riding) and throw the Noglin off your shoulder by pressing 'R' or Double-tap 'F' (default controls) Noglin will attach to wild Dino Effects: Camera movement not possible Any controls (WASD, openin
  8. Similar issue here on a private, dedicated Gen 2 server with just the mod "Super Spyglass", all trough ranges are turned on for a player as soon as the player dies/revives. I remember this has been a thing since the start of Gen 2, but never bothered to mention it.
  9. @Lonewolfxuz Nice words, as non-native english speaker I couldn't write it down any better. The game is great, but the gap between the community and the company is huge and I don't think this will change with ARK 2. All these voices in the forum are getting ignored. I also tried to put it into words: The only difference: After 3 days on official servers, I gave up. The ping horrible enough that I wasn't even able to tame/hit anything, hence I am playing on a private server with friends, which makes the situation bearable.
  10. Unfortunately I think this won't lead anywhere, but hope dies last, so I'll just talk about my thoughts. WildCard is a very young company, but the game you developed, the world you created filled a niche in the market and, without doubt, is a big success. As a player myself I can just say I love the idea, I love the gameplay, the sounds and the amazing ideas and graphics. I am sure there are more things like animations, UI and whatever else there might be - include them to the list But... like all games, ARK has bugs and a ton of players, especially new ones, with a lot of questions
  11. And while we are on it, if the character is frozen while controlling a mount, you are unable to move the mount as well.
  12. Hi there, When throwing a Noglin off the shoulder while being on the mount (pressing R) onto another Dino to control it, it leaves the character hanging in the air above the mount and unable to do anything. No WASD, no other button that would do anything. Got attacked by a Dilo, the controlled dino started attacking, my camera followed but still unable to do anything. When I pressed the button to whistle 'attack this target' the game crashed into a fatal error. Getting into orbit cam works, but the mouse control is inverted then. Edit: After waiting for the 5 minutes to pass, no
  13. HI there, I've read often that it takes 5 tames MAXIMUM to tame a Noglin. I tried it 3 times now, but for me the Noglin just gets around 1.8% taming progress for each of my imprinted Maewings (completely leveled on HP ~8k-10k), my private server is set to taming speed x5 + world buff + summer event, I really can't imagine that it's just because I am not using turtles! Anyone there with an idea on what I am doing wrong? Do I really have to 'feed' the Noglin 50 Maewings??
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