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  1. Sir not only is yoor post extremely ignorant but it is also objectively wrong. I’m very plugged into the PvP scene and I can accurately say 90% of the PvP community wants some sort of wipe or new official server cluster. The current official servers are ravaged by duped loot and tames. Peoples bases get mek ran every day by duped meks. There are players with 1000s of tames duped to their character. Now I will say the game needs to be fixed before they wipe anything or it’s pointless (Duping/Meshing) However, if wanting a fresh reset where official servers will be fresh and, more importantly, clear of duped loot/tames makes me a “damn kid” then call me a goofy goober and lets play some hopscotch
  2. A wipe is necessary. Official servers are ravaged by duped loot and tames and dino mutations are insane
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