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  1. I support you putting out quality work rather than half-finished products. I will be patient! Very much looking forward to it! Thank you for a game we all love!
  2. Wow thank you both for response! I think you are right about Dino’s into Atlas would be a bit tricky! That was an interesting suggestion with the realistic creature ARK with future-like self of the animal! I would definitely enjoy that! I like the spawn code idea, to have it but not force it upon those that do not want like you say a cow with a trike! And I love the shoulder mounts in Atlas as mentioned above the Rabbit and Parrot! That’s why I’d be okay if it was only them and maybe the crow too! And to Qwertymine, I also think the mean whales and other sea life would fill in gaps in a large empty space of ocean bodies on some maps of ARK! And maybe the swamp lands in ARK too! Getting the different species of fish like the catfish! really like yalls comments and ideas thank you! Check out my favorite mods If you want to: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457376346
  3. Altas Creatures in ARK If you only add the parrot and the rabbit that’d suffice me! If there is a mod for these creatures already, maybe add some mods to the console version since we can’t download mods like our computer friends! (In addition Eco’s Mods would be dope to have too) Please don’t rip off my head in comment suggestion, just someone who loves the game and loves the studio’s work, I just thought of something I’d like to see and suggested it! I don’t mean offense to anyone. My last comment is that I love ARK and I love my creatures and the friends I have made on it so thank you for a great experience!
  4. Yeah! I think it would have to be something like this or similar to it to make this “cute and harmless” tame worth keeping around! Thanks for the comment! Maybe make it more realistic and have the snowy owl prefer its meat!
  5. Creature Request Hello all, I was looking at some awesome mods on steam and I was thinking about possible Dino’s to add to the game officially for future updates... Personally, my favorite creature idea to add to the game and an animal I’m very fond of is a rabbit/hare. An easy addition could probably piggyback off of the jerboa model or reduce the model size for Kangaroo Easter bunny (not sure how easy that is for developers), it could be an easy first tame if you use a cliche item to tame (carrot), could be a unique game meat, and could possibly be beneficial and burrow for resources or detect things with its ears? I hope one of the people from Wild Card see this, would make me so happy to see come to the game. Maybe add an arctic hare to the Antarctica map! Thoughts? Is there another animal/Dino you guys would want to see? (This was a great idea added from a suggestion on discord) Perhaps a hare/rabbit can create warrens that can store and hide a player’s resources. These warrens would be small and will be hidden from enemies, much like Purlovias burrows. Perhaps can even be a temporary hidey hole. So instead of constructing storage boxes for raids that can easily be destroyed, these would function as hidden storage boxes. I’m sorta thinking of the isles burrows that certain dinosaurs can make. To counter this ability, the warrens will decay away like normal structures if not utilised for a long time. Also rabbits can stomp on the floor to sense and discover enemy warrens which they can destroy. Irl rabbits are rather hard to catch so many in a chase, they can have really sharp turns or side steps to evade pursers.
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