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  1. Baby Dinos Glitched Under Map Any Way to Kill? I was mass breeding dodos for valentines boxes when 4 baby dodos felt the need to glitch under the map. I have parasaurs on turret mode and they keep on ringing down there. It is driving meto maddnes but I want them to alert me of babies and other wild dinos. How do I kill the baby dodos? I tried destroy all wild dinos and it did not work please help. I am on console single player
  2. So arthloplueras wouldn't work? That seemed like the most inexpensive option. How should I power the turrents? Generator?
  3. Best way to make a PVE shredder qutzal platform? Advice. I am looking for the best way to make a quetzal platform saddle with maybe turrets or arthro's or dilos? No velonasaurs though. Would plant speices x need some form of irrigation system? Are there other ways of making turrets on my quetzal? I want one that can shred anything on the ground or air, even alphas. If there are settings need to change then I can as it is single player. Any advice would be appreciated thankyou!
  4. I haven't found the quetzal and I am asking what ammo to use.
  5. Queyt taming? Basically I am trying to tame a decent level quetz on my duo world with my brother. I went ahead and tamed a level 82 tapejera with mutton and leveled stamina and weight. I have a %122 longneck and a 166% crossbow.what is the best way to knock it out and should I use mutton to tame or grind out kibble.Any support is appreciated thankyou!
  6. is there any way to tame a yeti? With forcetame will it breed with gigatopithecus?
  7. Gigantopithecus Mutations? Help? So I want to get a cool looking gigantopithecus with,(possibly) good melee and health stats. I have just been mass breeding them and not organizingthem and I got tripolets with a cool looking mutation that could go well with other colors like green and purple. If I breed them up and get amutation will it possibly overidethe old mutations color on the baby or make a new color on a new color region? What is the most effecient way to do this, I play on single player.
  8. Need Help with diving! Looking for advice. I have seen people go exploring underwater and it looked really fun. I wanted to try it out so I tamed up 3 baryonyx.(all female oops) and the highest was level 68. About 350 melee and 4k health I had heard about the stun ability and saw how good it was. I then saw a diploc in the swamp I lived by and rescued it from pirhanas, I named her bubbles. Also, in that same swamp I tamed a level 56 sarco. I have the resources to craft about 3 scuba tanks but if I use bubbles I wont need those so who should I use? ShouldI use a combination of multiple with cryopods? What tame should I go for first? What types of kibble should I bring? What should I level? Any help would be appreciated thankyou!
  9. @PertySlickIt is single player and on 7.5 difficulty. Also there was no artifact for some reason which kind of makes me angry me off also no loot crates. Yes I checked water.
  10. Breaking News! Gigantopithicus Solos cave! They told me I couldn't do it because no one had done it before. They told me that it wasn't possible. I believed in my monkeys and they pulled through. Here is what happened:I tamed 2 gigas and breeded the best for melee and stam, I got a dashing young monkey who I raised into a wonderful ape. This ape was called William he defended me and my animals from many dangerous predators. He let me ride on his shoulders so I could be even safer. One day we left to go to the swamp for a few hours,when we came back overloaded with mushrooms, we saw a terrible scene before us. Both his parents dead on the ground, a alpha t T-Rex chomping the rest of my animals William sets me down on the ground and leaps at the red T-Rex! He punches it mid air on the side then when he has its attention he charges between its legs and hits it on the underside, the T-Rex tries to bite him but can't reach him. William dealed one shattering blow and the trex crumpled before him. He mourned for a few days but eventually came to his senses and was very lonely. I went out to find him a friend and I found a tiny monkey walking around in the jungle, I befriended him and introduced him to William. They became very good friends. Then I had an idea, what if me and my friends went out and cleared a cave together? We lived near central cave so we went there and cleared the cave easily with Williams smashing power and Poop's acuracy. We all gained much experience. We all lived happily ever after. William was level 36 and Poop was level 94.
  11. Caving or Diving First? I am wondering whether in my solo vanilla world I should go caving or go diving first. I have a level 33 baryonyx and a diplocaulus (the ampiiban lizard guy) level 42. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  12. Thank you I think I will just see if I can find one of either and then tame it. Also has anyone ever actually tried using a giga in the caves? I know it is smaller than megatherium so it should be able to fit. I might just use one out of curiosity I have about 15 of them so it wouldn't be a horrible loss if I lose them.
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