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  1. OMG it is all back! I was playing and died and tried to spawn in and it worked!!!!! Even the items are in obelisk!
  2. Im sad to hear that there is no retrevial thankyou for telling me this. I will stay away from transfers from now on.
  3. Im sorry to hear that. It is very dissapionting that they dont fix these problems. We started on valguero and are enjoying. Good luck!
  4. Sorry about spoiler it was an accident.
  5. Single Player Ark Data Loss Character Lost Me and my brother play on the island single player, xbox one. We decided to try ragnorok and enjoyed it a lot with our characters, not having to level, excterra. We were low on supplies and my thlacoleo died so we decided to head back to the island, we fast traveled to our obelisk base and uploaded our ark data. When we got to island we spent about an hour packing up all our things and bringing them to the obelisk. We then transferred into ark data and uploaded our survivors. We exit to main menu and we got kicked out of the game. This happens ab
  6. I have stolen both eggs should I kill the mothers with the children? Kind of horrifying. How much milk will i need for the 175 and 190 babies? I can turn up/down rates to a certain extent.
  7. And yes I want revenge. Killing not stealing.
  8. Or should I use kentrosauros I haven't tamed?
  9. How to kill Wild Wyverns? Me and my brother play on splitscreen (Xbox One) in a single player world on the island. Me and my brother had thylacoleos that were imprinted and mate boosted to each other. We went to the artic biome and got all the explorer notes. We killed a bunch of alpha carnos and rexs and raptors. We got our stats to about 700 melee and 3-4k health. We had plenty of stamina. We got a bit bored of the island so we decided to go to ragnorok and explore. We quickly found the wyvern trench and were very interested in it. When we were scouting a level 45 poisen wyvern we panicke
  10. Baby Dinos Glitched Under Map Any Way to Kill? I was mass breeding dodos for valentines boxes when 4 baby dodos felt the need to glitch under the map. I have parasaurs on turret mode and they keep on ringing down there. It is driving meto maddnes but I want them to alert me of babies and other wild dinos. How do I kill the baby dodos? I tried destroy all wild dinos and it did not work please help. I am on console single player
  11. So arthloplueras wouldn't work? That seemed like the most inexpensive option. How should I power the turrents? Generator?
  12. Best way to make a PVE shredder qutzal platform? Advice. I am looking for the best way to make a quetzal platform saddle with maybe turrets or arthro's or dilos? No velonasaurs though. Would plant speices x need some form of irrigation system? Are there other ways of making turrets on my quetzal? I want one that can shred anything on the ground or air, even alphas. If there are settings need to change then I can as it is single player. Any advice would be appreciated thankyou!
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