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  1. Not at this time no, if this is something your very set on, i can easily accommodate that for you. We have Ab so most players dont mind it.
  2. Brand New 5x PVE cluster. ZERO ADMIN ABUSE. BALANCED GAME PLAY. TRIBE WARS ENABLED (GENTLEMAN'S PVP) Just search for “OCCULT” in unofficial pc Session, AND join our Discord. Its that easy to join! Wild Dinos are max lvl 300 (10x Override Official Difficulty) Player level cap 300 Weight boosted Modded stacking Modded drops(NO TEK) BALANCED You’re welcome to grind out and invite your mates! The More players, more slots and maps! Come secure your spot on these fresh maps! Get in on the action and tribe war with friends and enemies without the fear of offline raiding! Or p
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