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  1. I’m also not gonna pay like $40 to get 1 map and maybe 30 new Dino’s Bc that’s just a rip off
  2. Why is PC always better than console and mobile Ark PC is one of the best versions of Ark, yet not everybody has the chance to play it Bc they play console or mobile. Well I’m tired of it! All these game creators say they can’t add mods to the game Bc the ps4 doesn’t have the required parts to make it work. That is a huge pile of BS Bc all these fallout 4 players get mods and it’s a bigger game than Ark is. Maybe if our time wasn’t spent on DLCs maybe they would work harder at getting mods added to the other versions of the game. DLCs are not that important. What’s important is making sure the different versions of the game aren’t separated by the best part of some games. I sit here and watch modded series and think “Wow that won’t be for a while at least” Bc WildCard doesn’t want to deal with it. My friends all got bored of it Bc it got old WAY too fast. I just want some developers to try harder.
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