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  1. I'm on an official server, cave building is allowed and nothing seem to be working. I have a cliff platform in that room, I suppose I could try it. I tried the room to the left and right of it but no dice.
  2. Build Help Can someone please help me figure out how to place a teleporter in Swamp cave. With a lot of moving I was able to get one in pearl cave but I can't see to get it right anywhere in swamp cave. Thanks
  3. Help Place Tele in Swamp Cave Has anyone successfully place a teleporter in Swamp/immune Cave on the island? If so, please show/tell me how you did it!! Thank you
  4. Rock Elemental health Have Rock Golem's health been nerfed?
  5. Is is riding rank, order rank, inventory rank, or something different all together? Thanks in advance.
  6. Most unraidable Base location on Island So my friends and I have been having a debate on what the most unraidable location on the island is and I just want to know what everyone else thinks. And the types of security that you have or could never pass or had a hard time with.
  7. Not if you are just getting on a server to troll and break RANDOM stuff. The "it's pvp" excuse doesn't really work for that. Especially if you aren't fighting or attempting to raid, there is no opponent, just trouble minds.
  8. Destroying Random Industrial Forges is NOT PVP!!!! Period!
  9. Thanks, how long does it take for them to generate water, and now many do you use? I made 6 so far, wanted to irrigate two crop plots to help my turrets at the entrance.
  10. Okay, so I'm built in a cave and would like to grow plant species X. I watched nooblet's video about water reservoirs, it doesn't seem to work out for me. Each tank is empty. Running pipes from elsewhere is out of the question. My question is has anyone successfully placed plant species X in their cave base without a nearby water source, and do water reservoirs still fill up through condensation as of 2020? It's killing me that I can't do this. PS. Post Turret Wall ideas please
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