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  1. Not a cocky answer, it's a valid answer. It's unfortunate since even as a non-PvP player I think PvP servers are the most fun. But yes, they are INCREDIBLY unbalanced. I definitely know of no other game where months or years worth of work can be gone literally in seconds.
  2. Unbelievably frustrated with Ark and Wildcard Last night the vaults I've been using as my safety storage were deleted by the patch, along with ALL my tames and gear on this server. I only recently came back to Rag after playing Genesis and didn't have a base on the server I'd previously called home for quite a long time. But I did still have vaults hidden away that have been in place and safe for over a year. I was on the server and in the vaults literally minutes before the servers went down for the patch. I had laid blood stalker eggs before the notice that the servers were going down and had been watching their temp and incubation. Then, when the servers went offline for as long as they did, when I finally got logged back in the eggs had already died because I couldn't be there to tend to their temperature. At the time I thought THAT was my biggest frustration. But no, then I realized that it wasn't just a couple eggs gone, it was EVERYTHING I had that the patch had killed. I've been playing Ark for years and love the concept of the game. What I don't love is Wildcard's seemingly complete disregard for most of us players. Sure, we pre-ordered the season pass and then had to wait, and wait, and wait again for Genesis. Those sort of things I can deal with. They happen. What sucks are the constant and seemingly intentional choices to screw over small tribes, solo players, and new players. All they seem to care about are forcing people into mega tribes. Every patch, every new dino and feature, seems to exclusively benefit the mega tribes and add to the toxicity of the game. When Wildcard started getting the tiniest bit involved in fixing meshing, the first thing they did was to create a "daylight" rule, meaning that if there isn't daylight directly above a spot you can't build there unless the spot is a designated cave. So all of the sudden 50% of the features on some maps are no longer usable. There are hundreds of caves, alcoves, nooks and crannies where a solo player or small tribe were able to build and protect themselves and their hard-earned gear, but then after that change everyone was forced out into the open. Literally the best places to build on most maps were gone. So solo and small tribes had it that much tougher. Still, I have scoured every map I've played on looking for safe places and secret hideouts to build, because as an almost exclusively solo player I need those hideouts. But no matter what, I've had to accept that any base I build is toast whenever it gets found. The largest base I ever built had all 100 allowable turrets, each of which was full. The base was also invisible (hidden behind a waterfall) until you were almost touching it, so attacking the base defenses had to be done completely blind. There were also limited directions of approach, so all the turrets could be concentrated on the attackers at once. But when a mega tribe found me they went through me like butter. Because Wildcard has skewed the odds in the favor of attackers with every single new dino, patch, and update. Did we REALLY need another airborne soaker with Extinction to make it that much easier to offline raid solo and small tribe players like me? The gasbag as a soaker just seems like the most blatant "screw you" to players who would like to protect their own stuff rather than live by stealing from others that Wildcard could have come up with. How does a hot air balloon make sense as a great soaker of bullets? Who came up with that genius slap in the face to more defensive players? I'm guessing no one who has ever heard of the Hindenburg. Even the very few changes that on the surface seem like maybe they'd benefit smaller players really just benefit the mega tribes, like eliminating C4 dodo drops. Larger tribes don't need C4 suicide dinos to wipe smaller tribe bases, so getting rid of large scale C4 dino drops didn't make small tribes or solo players any safer, it only benefited the large tribes because it took away one of the only ways smaller players could get retribution against larger attackers. It is literally impossible to protect yourself on official servers unless you want to join a mega tribe and live online 24 x 7. Taking a cue from the real world, bases should require sacrifice to raid. Remember those concrete pillboxes from WW2, the ones that could be manned by 3 or 4 person teams that could hold off hundreds of enemy soldiers? I may not have watched every WW2 documentary, but I've watched enough to know that none of those pillboxes were ever overrun after some soldier confidently exclaimed "stay behind me boys, I've got a helium balloon, those guns can't touch us now!" On top of the overt design choices made in favor of the mega tribes, it has also ALWAYS been those same mega tribes who are the cheaters. The DDoSers, the meshers, the dupers; they all seem to stem from the mega tribes, not solo and small tribe players. And they seem to be the ones least likely to face consequences. Case in point, I was DDoSed about a week ago by a member of a mega tribe. I could provide player names, screen shots of the chat party members, audio of him confirming he was polling my IP, and timestamped router log files of the actual attack. I submitted a ticket to Wildcard, and they referred me to the server team and closed the ticket. I don't think they even read the ticket, just saw the word DDoS and sent booted it down the road. I submitted a comment that it wasn't a server issue and asked them to please READ the ticket, and they responded by deleting the comment and leaving the ticket closed. I've submitted a trouble ticket about the disappearing vault issue from last night, but I have no doubt I'll receive the same STELLAR support I've gotten every other time I've had an issue. None. They seem to have no problem whatsoever with screwing players over, but no willingness to make things right for players. At this point, I think I'm pretty well done with the game. I have no interest in investing the time to start from scratch yet again, and personally I'm pretty well over dumping more of my money into a company that seemingly couldn't care less about its customers. My guess is the only response I'll end up getting from Wildcard will be a forum admin deleting this post as is their pattern whenever people express their frustrations on the forums. Maybe if we had a better channel for expressing those frustrations, or heaven forbid ever saw those frustrations addressed then the forum moderators wouldn't be reduced to the role of PR police. But it is what it is. Wildcard, you had a brilliant concept. Here's to hoping people collectively get fed up enough to let it die. Maybe then you'll pay at least some small attention to your customers.
  3. Unable to transfer from PS4 official server I cannot transfer off the PS4 server I'm on. I understand that something was done in the latest patch to stop item duping and as a result of that "improvement" people have to open the obelisk, search for a server, and when the screen freezes hit the PS button, then go back into the game and then they can transfer. I tried the same thing, but although it unlocked the screen I still couldn't transfer. I tried with items on cooldown and about half the time nothing happens when I try to transfer, and the other half I get the "you're carrying items that can't transfer" dialog box. When I hit continue, the items with a timer are dropped from my inventory, but I still don't transfer. Someone had suggested using the "last played" button, but I notice that's been removed, although I don't know when that happened because I didn't use it so never paid attention to it. I read in the patch notes that they had done something with characters that had not been logged on in for two weeks. I had been off for about three and today was my first time on. I wonder if that's possibly related. If anyone else is having the same issue, which I know some are, will you please tell me whether you've been offline for more than two weeks?
  4. What platform are you on? I have the same problem on PS4. Have you logged within the past couple week? Today was the first time I've logged on in a few weeks. According to the patch notes they did something with players who haven't logged on for two weeks and I'm wondering if that's related.
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