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  1. Anyone wanna tribe up when the new Genesis Map releases? Anyone wanna tribe up when Genesis releases? Wanting to start a tribe, already have about 4 people with me who I know and trust. Reply with your discord if your interested
  2. I'm trying to form a tribe for the new Ark Genesis map if your interested, myself and 2 others are hard grinders
  3. Ive been wanting to make a medium-large tribe for the new Ark Genesis map. Currently I have a tribe of 5, and want to recruit many new players and hopefully build up. About myself: -I have been playing ark for a long time, I'm somewhat new to pc ark and used to play on PS4. -I am 17 years old -We have been alpha with another tribe on an official Ragnarok, and alpha on an official Aberration. -I recently took a break form ark and had gotten back into it playing on the MTS cluster and beginner servers. I want to give official another go. I have made a discord that people can join who are willing to play when the map releases, it will contain tribe info, rules, and the server number so we can all tribe up. You must have some experience with Ark, you must know how to tame, farm, pvp, etc. Reply or send me a message if you are interested.
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