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  1. You should make some adjustments to the difficulty on smalltribes. The giga glitch was the only way it is beatable, I've seen groups of 10 attempt this and fail on wave 2! These missions are seemingly scaled for mega-tribes.
  2. Glitch allowing players to bring in bloodlines to new servers: had this brought up to me. There is a glitch which allows players to do an ascension with cryos of dinos and be uploaded and download onto the new servers. This will leave new players in the dust with years of bloodlines being downloaded into their seemingly fair fresh server. Good luck epic gamers You can also be impregnated by a reaper and join the new servers and birth them into the new servers This was an issue with genesis previously and nothing has been done other than wiping reapers from genesis. Please brin
  3. Make current Official Legacy And... Make current Official Legacy and open we clusters for this influx of players. Make it fair to them. If you're coming from epic games, you have no chance. Believe it.
  4. It's just got a re-spawn period you can't just get it whenever. Leave the biome for a bit and come back later. Keep it derendered for like 15m and try again.
  5. Can we open a few more "fresh" island servers? (SmallTribes) Every day during the time I want to play with my friends the new island servers on steam are capped and we have to wait hours before each of us can get in. No point in starting on anything but fresh at this point because the years of bloodlines and disposable dinos these other tribes have.
  6. Not having this issue on any of my dinos. Maybe state the map you're playing on and if others are on the same map it could point to something there. I wasn't having any issues on Aberration. No issues with Gasbags, Trikes, or Racers.
  7. I just tried this out in single player, and I'm getting snaps onto the tek bridge. I am placing the tek bridge first and then snapping foundations to it. Edit: I've also tried placing a foundation first and then snapping the tek bridge and it worked properly. In fact it gave me strange snap points.
  8. If you're coming from Epic, good luck having a fun time on anything but the servers with a *. There are players with years of genetic mutations on all their dinos, and a cryofridge full of dinos they can throw at you while you struggle to tame a level 45 trike on the beach.
  9. If you have a problem with the rates in your current server, consider changing which server you play on to maximize your happiness regardless of the amount of time you've put into it. Didn't think I would need to repeat myself.
  10. Don't be an idiot. The tribe member cap is larger and therefore the tribe is able to accumulate more resources compared to small tribes. If you don't like official rates, don't play official. Always looked forward to weekends when I played Official. Have fun, happy grinding.
  11. From my understand Devs are joining the servers and removing parts of buildings that are stuck in the mesh and what they consider to be meshing. Has happend to our tribe where the devs were actively checking around the map. I have had 0 of the problems you are speaking about other than accidentally sticking myself in the mesh and dieing. This needs to remain implemented. Sorry about your 'porting' dinos.
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