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  1. I had a similar problem, but instead of me being removed from tribe, all my buildings in my snow base left my tribe somehow, while my other base is still in my tribe, excluding my behe gates( which all left the tribe also).

  2. I did it regularly in the past with a average bred basilo with average hp, stam and melee, with apprentice saddle and most points into speed, few into stam. Then i just sprint pass the creatures there all the way to the artifact, kill any that managed to enter the artifact chamber with me, and sprint out after taking it.

  3. 9 hours ago, wizard03 said:

    well that stinks. I was hoping these guys would be a whole lot more useful because of how hard they are to find, let alone a level high enough to be worth taming aaaaand specifically only being useful for a small amount of time in the game. x.x
    With that said tho, could you imagine a full blown tribe of 20 going to work on the brood mother with these guys?

    No, cos only 10 players can go in for each boss fight so only max of 10 will be ridden.

  4. l
    If you're going to be offline for an extended period of time while raising carnivores you want to fill their inventories with raw meat (since it spoiles more slowly in their inventory) and then fill the food troughs with cooked meat. The will eat the cooked meat in the troughs first, because dino's eat the food with the lowest food value first, but that will give you the best combination of a) lots of cooked meat with longer spoil times in the troughs and b) raw meat in their inventory that takes longer to spoil.

    Isn't the spoil timer multiplier the same, both are 4x in dinos and in regular troughs?

  5. but the thing is yutis take A LONG time to tame, you might be better off just raising a bunch of females you breed TBH if you still want to go the yuti route.

    Low lvls tame fast and depending on the map like val or rag easy to get mutton to tame them faster. Then just put all their lvls into food so they dont starve that fast after tamed.

  6. My thought was to simplify everything and just go with exceptional.....that and I find yuty taming to be a bit less of a hassle due to the snow biome being easier to track all the wild life

    well they do not make an egg for exceptional kibble.....If Im going to make kibble, I might as well make kibble that all species will accept, hence the yuty's

    U got the name wrong, u meant extraordinary kibble right, since from yutys?

  7. What is this "ab" you speak of? I'm still trying to beat The Island. Doesn't help that I regularly reset my data for some reason.
    I just can't wait to have all of the DLCs beaten.

    Just know that it hasnt been the same ever since the date when the second paid dlc for ark been released.

    QUESTION. Let's say I transfer from scorched with the chainsaw engram learned, to Extinction. Will I still own the LEARNED chainsaw engram along with any unlearned scorched engrams ON Extinction? Then will I get the Extinction engrams along with that? (Not immediately of course, I still have to unlock them) Then what if I MINDWIPE, will I still be able to unlock the Scorched engrams, even if I'm on another map, or do I need BPs?

    Any engrams u learnt will stay, only disappears when u mindwipe.
    Once u are on ext u can learn the engrams exclusive to that map.
    If u mindwipe u need to go to the specific map to learn their exclusive engrams again.
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  8. I swear at one point in time it was a guaranteed drop to get 2 per kill, and I'd have oodles of em.
    Eh, I restarted my data again and I'd have no use for them anyways. Very discouraged with my progression in all of my playthroughs. Can't even beat the first boss- The caves intimidate me and I never wan't to go for artifacts lmao
    I noticed that it was no longer guaranteed 2 per kill ever since aber was released. I used to farm them as part of my meat runs regularly before and after aber release. Before aber it was dropping 2 each regularly. My guess was it had something related to nameless venom which is not supposed to drop regularly.
  9. Here's it is [mention=1298574]Castlerock[/mention] and [mention=926688]TinyHippo[/mention]
    "I suspect Nerva knew that he would not fare well in battle. After taking a couple blows from my sword, he dashed off into the darkness. However, I know he was deeply wounded. His blood cannot lie. I suspect this command center was created by something with technology far beyond most normal comprehension.
    In the distance I can see several worlds, one that is clearly a place I've been. I am now sure that there are more of these worlds. That scoundrel Nerva must have escaped before he could meet his death. Little does he know, I won't give up that easily, I will find him in whatever realm he travels to.
    There is a terminal that sits upon a platform near the end of the command center. Surely, through some combination of codes, that must unlock travel to other worlds. But it does not. It only adds another foe to be slain by the Beast Queen."
    We also know that the survivors take on the Alpha variants of bosses, as Rockwell in Scorched Earth mentions back on The Island you needed 8 artifacts to summon a boss, but he only needed 3 for access to the manticore. (Definitely gamma manticore then.)
    I have all the notes on ARK except for the HLNA and mobile ones printed out in a gigantic sheet that I read ritually- I'd recommend you guys do the same, as that's how I get all of my little details for theorizing. There's some good stuffs in there!
    Yes i read have read that before. It clearly says it is after Nerva lost his men and beasts to kill the overseer before Mei Yin got to him, otherwise she would have to fight his army as well. Mei Yin only fought Nerva, not the overseer.
  10. Because it was times four for pc crystal isles console has times two. The summer Evo was times four. We now enjoy times two, 2 and 4 are very different in terms of rates
    Pc never had times 4. It was times 2 for a long time before the recent rate change, where current 1x is same as the previous 2x so pc and console had same rates for CI.
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