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  1. Nope, the bp just allows u to craft it, still need the tekgram unlocked to wear them.
  2. Still watching 7months later, how long is your soon?
  3. All it says is theri have resistance against fireball under recommended tames rexes. Under strategy and recommended tames theri it says firebreath is 20% of anything max health and it ignores herbivore fire resistance and armor.
  4. U mean Wildcard right? Ark is just the game they made, it's not a company.
  5. I think when he say twice as fast then the regular ones, he was referring to regular Crystal wyverns not regular wyverns.
  6. Still doesnt help much against insiders tho, they can just use c4 or other explosives to get them when everyone else is offline.
  7. U can do an explorer note run, can get u to at least lvl70+.
  8. That is only for mating, OP is asking about hatching their eggs.
  9. The thing is my baby reapers never aggroed on me until after i claimed it, and i never used pheromones at all. I was staring at it for a period long enough for it to aggro and kill me, but all it did was face the wall inside the birthing room. Only once i claimed it it turned around and started biting me.
  10. Maybe it is just for pvp, cos my baby reapers never aggroed on me and killed me until after i claimed it. I usually just use the crab to grab them out of the birthing room and put them somewhere else. I did like what u mentioned earlier with filling myself up with 1k weight of stone and meat for the baby to pick off me and it was never able to wander anymore. I just use the crab to grab it after reaching juv if it was unable to render its body due to reaching 10% while unrendered.
  11. U cant die from hunger or thirst while offline. I had my char hungry or thirsty before when i logged off, 1 week later when i logged on my hp is still the same as when i logged off.
  12. Anyone can tame a theri as long as they got a trike, when i was starting out my trike gathered enough berries to keep the theri unconscious and fed. Reaching the lvl to make the saddle tho is another thing, but doing an explorer note run should help.
  13. (1) U can bring the sheep to a map where theris are allowed, kill it and harvest with theri and transfer with raw mutton over, best if a few min before transfer timer is up. (2) I never mentioned i was using wild sheep. In my previous post i alr mentioned that if u dont tame ovis u going have to deal with the low amount wild ones give. Tamed ones can lvl their hp to between 2k to 3k. Also it is on official server so no mods and no intensive breeding involved, that ovis was a bred one with 38 points in hp when born, from a wild tamed parent. (3) Thats not much mutton with a chainsaw, previously
  14. He alr mentioned he did have hlna equipped.
  15. Now u are just mentioning stuff not relevant to my original post. And it still doesnt mean CI needs to be paid for in order to play, standalone or not.
  16. All i said was CI is free, i never mentioned anything about ppl waiting for improvements and fixes, those come separately when they are ready.
  17. No, all i am saying is just that CI is a free product, no one is paying for it.
  18. Did u try wearing armor and carry a sword with u? If u can get destroyed by a noob with a kapro u are just worse than him/her. Also u can tame your own kapro and give them a taste of their own medicine.
  19. The playerbase couldnt have paid for Crystal Isles, it is free like the center, rag and val, they paid for the base island map and whatever paid dlc they owned.
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