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  1. 3x breeding rates are already enough. What dino u looking for that is so hard to tame on 1x rate? If u only want colors look for very low level dinos with it, faster to tame
  2. Legacy was created before aber release
  3. If the baby is born above lvl 450 it gets deleted straight away so u would see the egg hatch into nothing, no baby at all to claim, and 450 is still ok, dinos only get deleted when they hit 451 and above.
  4. Its against the CoC to sell in-game items and dinos on official servers for real money so there is no way they would add it in
  5. Pigs dont use their ability when orp is active while offline (and while not rendered in i think)
  6. I have 12 troughs near each other within a 3x3 and my dinos will eat from one that has food when the previous one they eating from runs out.
  7. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting.
  8. Other ppl encountered this bug before anti mesh was added.
  9. Other ppl got mentioned before when they hit a rock while swimming that pushes the sarco above water it insta die, long before the anti mesh system
  10. On servers it doesnt drop if the timer on them reaches zero and it transfers with the char as well
  11. According to wiki ab megalania exists in the game files but doesnt spawn naturally
  12. I was able to move around if i riding a dino during a server save but if im moving around on foot i get sent back to where i was right before the server save.
  13. Fought alpha manticore and alpha dragon. Lost 4 rexes to dragon but finally managed to kill it with a rex army.
  14. The freezes are bearable as they only last for a while on most maps, other than ragnarok where it lasts much longer.
  15. Back to the discussion, i see no need for the mana on aber (in pve at least). Everything else can and have been done well by drakes from surface runs to getting drake eggs and getting impregnated with a reaper.
  16. I know. Personally i still prefer the drake, its speed and mobility may not match the mana, but it has more uses to me so i prefer using it for not only aber but every other map as well
  17. Initial position was a jump from sea level to start gliding, then steady glide just above sea for a while, then start to gain altitude until the end. I 'outfly' wyverns and griffins with drake before so even a ptera wont be able to catch up Edit: it only got a few points into stamina, most went to weight i think
  18. After the initial jump is a dive first then stall and repeat, there is no upward momentum to stall upwards with a jump
  19. U tested on single player or multiplayer? Edit: i wont be able to come on for at least another 11h, so i wont be able to put the video yet anytime soon
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