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  1. How high above ground was your bird when it switched aggro? I know carnivores lose aggro on flyers when they are out of range and aggro on something else so it could be that.
  2. Same, i had a base where most of my stuff is stored becomes disowned by tribe somehow, all behe gates left tribe also. Some of the structures are demolishable while others arent.
  3. I had a similar problem, but instead of me being removed from tribe, all my buildings in my snow base left my tribe somehow, while my other base is still in my tribe, excluding my behe gates( which all left the tribe also).
  4. I did it regularly in the past with a average bred basilo with average hp, stam and melee, with apprentice saddle and most points into speed, few into stam. Then i just sprint pass the creatures there all the way to the artifact, kill any that managed to enter the artifact chamber with me, and sprint out after taking it.
  5. Then u should be able to go to val to get some deinos since it is not part of the story, the story order only consists of island, scorched earth, aber, ext and genesis.
  6. Mammoths alr have a ground stomp, just right click, it got decent aoe and knockback also.
  7. Only for the manticore fight on scorched earth. They cant enter val and rag arena even though the manticore is there.
  8. Just know that it hasnt been the same ever since the date when the second paid dlc for ark been released. Any engrams u learnt will stay, only disappears when u mindwipe. Once u are on ext u can learn the engrams exclusive to that map. If u mindwipe u need to go to the specific map to learn their exclusive engrams again.
  9. Pc never had times 4. It was times 2 for a long time before the recent rate change, where current 1x is same as the previous 2x so pc and console had same rates for CI.
  10. We never had 4x. The rates from the recent evo events were 2x of the old rates, which is 4x of the even older rates back in 2015. Now that the old 2x is the new permanent 1x, the rates are still the same like what@GP said.
  11. Going invisible doesnt help after stealing an egg, the drakes will have alr aggroed on the player.
  12. Then why not u just spawn a very high lvl tame like lvl 10000 and do what u want in sp?
  13. The x4 is with comparison to ark rates when it was released in 2015. At that time x1 rates are half of our current x1 rates, so when current x2 becomes default x1, it will be x4 of the original in 2015.
  14. Since u are on the island, farming silica pearls is easy. All u need is to tame a dolphin and have a scuba tank then just swim to the underwater resources caves, they have plenty of pearls, some even have oil rocks and crystal too.
  15. I prefer raising multiple gigas at a time, like 10 at once, so i can see it in another way, each giga took 1.4 days instead.
  16. What's the issue? I tamed a 150 on rag desert with no issue on current 2x. Use a gas mask in fpv, can see very clearly. It doesnt stack, just refreshes the timer on the bleed with each secondary attack.
  17. Still watching 7months later, how long is your soon?
  18. U cant die from hunger or thirst while offline. I had my char hungry or thirsty before when i logged off, 1 week later when i logged on my hp is still the same as when i logged off.
  19. Now u are just mentioning stuff not relevant to my original post. And it still doesnt mean CI needs to be paid for in order to play, standalone or not.
  20. All i said was CI is free, i never mentioned anything about ppl waiting for improvements and fixes, those come separately when they are ready.
  21. No, all i am saying is just that CI is a free product, no one is paying for it.
  22. The playerbase couldnt have paid for Crystal Isles, it is free like the center, rag and val, they paid for the base island map and whatever paid dlc they owned.
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