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  1. Would be a nice option to make a prefered items farm from dinos like only metal or only flint so that you dont need to throw away that stone every minute
  2. Would be nice to get atleast few servers wiped every month so that new players could have place to start
  3. No generation decay would be enough to bring ppl to scorched again . After that ascension would be even better .
  4. I wish devs actualy would see this . Game becomes more and more unplayeble
  5. Breeding a bunch of dinos all day farming meat in those little gaps of time they have some left in inventory Farming stone for that Gacha to produce enough elements for generator to run for a couple of days .
  6. This gachaclaus i think was a bit buged since for me some of them worked with just 1 coal and some took more then one in this case i just went to look for another one that worked with just 1 . Its Wild Card you cant expect there to be no problems with new stuff
  7. kinda good idea to try and trap one at the base gonna try to do it thx for the info
  8. they could actualy wipe 4 servers every moth starting count from 1 and so on so even if you start on a new server theres atleast few years before you actualy will need to move to another one to not lose your stuff that way old players that only come to reset theyre huuge bases and 500 dinos just standing there for no reason and cousing lag would disapear and make room for new players to come and play . the things on pve as they are now with pillars everywhere and tame limit cap reached 99% of a time is just stupid .
  9. don't put food inside while they eating . i just feed them with mistletoe and when they stop eating those put 1 coal so it eats both . after that its good to go again .
  10. for me it best works when i try to go after the player hitbox it picks up a dino instead 80-90% of a times :)
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