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  1. It would be awesome to play Gen 2, but my main server (SA 504) https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/76087 is currently with connection timeout issues. No one can login since the last balance update. I'm afraid we are going to lose many things if nothing is done quickly. Please, check it out. ? Server is back, thank you! ?
  2. We still can't connect to SA 504 server, constantly connection timeout. Server still online, no player connections since the last QoL update: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/76087 @Cedric @lilpanda @Jatheish @Dollie @StudioWildcard
  3. Well done, again. No crystal isles servers for legacy, no WC members response about this transfer issue. Total disrespect for legacy community! We can't transfer since the new map update, bases are decaying, event jeopardized for many. At least one answer about this, tha'ts the minimum ?
  4. It's taking too long to fix server transfers on legacy, people are going to lose their things this way. We need a fix asap!
  5. @Dollie @complexminded What's going on with legacy? Please, we need a fix to enable transfers again. Decay timers don't stop.
  6. I have been playing on the SA 504 server since august. It is SA (my region),and has a friendly community of players. It was the right choice at the time. Then I found out about the legacy/Non legacy servers situation, the lack of support and the possibility of removal at any time, but it was too late. I had already built/tamed and met good people, so I decided to stay. They said legacy would have new content as well, it gave me some hope since the server used to be crowded and healthy (so, a lower risk of removal). That's a thing about SA servers, they got a fairly good population, yet we did
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