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  1. Server Reset The game is dying because of the hostile environment that is the exact opposite of what any potential new player expects even experienced players have to deal with these issues when joining new servers. All of the servers should reset at the very least once or twice a year to ensure that the game remains playable, whenever you join a server regardless of the map, one of two outcomes occur, either you instantly die to an alpha and/or higher leveled dinos and players, or even the over powered bases that players have created. It does not matter where you choose to spawn either, every single spawn zone is plagued with these issues and the longer the servers are allowed to remain untouched the worse this becomes. Another issue with not resetting servers is that most obelisks are quickly made inaccessible due to player bases or even as I have experienced players building giant blocks just to prevent anyone from using the obelisk. They even get covered in turrets which is even more unfair to players. I have also encountered player traps on PVE servers, I spawned into a metal building filled with fresh spawns who were forced to quit the server as they had no choice and no possible way to play as they were placed into a tall metal building with no equipment or ability to escape. If this is truly how the game is meant to be played then no wonder it is dying so quickly. another issue I have encountered is the dino AI but that's another issue.
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