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  1. Other than submitting a ticket, nobody here can really help you. The only option you have on PVE is kite as many teeth to it as possible if support wont help.

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  2. But what would you suggest, because obviously i dont run a game of this size but i can see the limitations from a coding and business perspective. They employ more staff to deal with tickets, then the problem remains and employee costs increase. They 'fix' the problem which would cost a fair amount in coding, and probably only last x amount of time before something new comes along. If you limit gameplay to much, you annoy the player base. If you implement a third party anti-cheat, you also annoy some of the player base and incur license fees.

    I'm in no way defending wildcard as i agree, a LOT needs to be done, but they have already announced a sequel which will limit how much support or resources this game will now get. I think it's likely that it will end as a lot of games do, official servers will become dead zones where the antisocial cheater lurk in the shadows, destroying any chance of fun or competitive play.

  3. 1 minute ago, Ferchi said:

    Thats the hard part of PVE, people always checking timers, unclaimed babys and unlocked stuff.. and the worst... sleeping body's to drag to the water

    you can close all the doors, vaults, dedis, etc, full walls and ceillings but that dont really matter, some time ago was a fking xploit to take stuff from the another tribe from the dedis, even the pin code still in only 4 numbers and the mesh exist even with the worst "antymesh system"


    actually you can get out from enclosed bases with log out and with a chair and an quetzal


    i place a parasaur in turret mode, obviously this sht is like the "fake cams" on the mail

    WC shoul work more on how to protect the stuff... atleast on PVE

    In pve the problem is, if someone is in your base, you cant do anything to get rid of them, you might be able to box them in if you are lucky but if they dont want to leave, you cant do much, a long time ago on a pve server i had a disagreement with someone, they just dropped a ton of dinos on my base and nothing much i could do about it.

  4. INI is completely a wildcard mistake, that shouldn't be so easy and open to edit. I think because its common knowledge that even if you cheat, it can take weeks to get banned if you even do then why care about bragging. Some of the cheats available are insane. I think most big tribes even have 'cheat' accounts now to counter cheaters that they can log on too. 

    Honestly if you want any kind of protection now, you cant play official, some server admins and pretty active and jump on cheaters quickly.

  5. In pve what can he do? Nothing. When you are offline people probably come to your base every now and then. I wouldn't worry, unless you have unlocked stuff and eggs out in the open then its just part of the game. If you dont like it, then have a big closed base with everything inside.

  6. It's a ongoing battle. You can get one cheater and he/she will be back on a new account, that's why some companies use the 'ban hammer' and collect info on many users then mass ban all at once. An account on ark is cheap so the risk is pretty low, get caught and its a mild inconvenience.

    There is always new ways to cheat, so wildcard may patch one thing but a new way will pop up. I honestly think cheaters will always be there, the only defence would be if wildcard responded quicker, but again that cost for a company to do this would probably not be beneficial from a business perspective. 

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