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  1. You will need to submit a ticket and wait, nobody can help you, however if you are pvp, expect someone to now head to server 8088 and really ruin your day.
  2. Oh no, dont stop playing now, you will miss out on all the paid DLC packs and paid cosmetics that are coming...
  3. PVP is notorious for its unbalanced gameplay, its a case of the biggest tribe with the most stuff wins. Solo is really rough, however there is nothing against blocking them in the rules, its just a way to suppress low levels a little more. You options are to blow it up or try a different note.
  4. As far as im aware there is no registry edit on xbox, so unfortunately this wont help you.
  5. I will try this later also, i keep getting this crash every hour and its driving me insane.
  6. The only thing in CoC is; Spawn Blocking occurs when tribes intentionally block spawn points for the purpose of not allowing any new players to play on the server. In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally resides on a spawn point you will not be penalized, but expected to provide a way out of your base for newly spawned players. Blocking access in/out of a tribes base Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, Extinction City Terminals, Orbital supply crates on Extinction, Teleporters, Dispatchers, or Mission Terminals and etc) But having a gate wall is perfectly fine and very common.
  7. Unfortunately PVE has a very toxic playerbase so yes you need to be prepared for that. Best practice would be to have all your stuff inside with a locked door, however i personally hate living in a big box so i always build a full roleplay style 'village', you need to have defence though, so turrets, plant-x and some dinos on neutral to kill wild dinos that may either wonder in or be kited to your base. Don't have everything on neutral, it will be chaos if everything tries to attack something and also it can be exploited to kite your dinos away. Metal is pretty much safe against everything (excluding a few) but it depends if you want to live in a big bean can, i myself use stone and wood to build but also am fully aware repairs will need to be made occasionally. No, dinos and players cannot hit anything through any wall type, the difference is how long the wall can stand attacks before it breaks, in PVE stone and above is fine, although alphas can damage stone its unlikely they will stay committed to get inside your base. When you logout, sleep in a bed. If a titan is led to your base, do NOT hit it, as long as you dont attack, everything should be okay, if you do hit it, then its likely back to the beach for you if you are not prepared. When you are offline, nothing can be killed or damaged excluding your player.
  8. That is the way ark is, you can however calculate this yourself See how long it takes the dino to eat 1 food by watching its inventory. Calculate how long the food on its inventory will last (if it takes 1 minute to eat 1 berry and you 50 berries in its inventory then you have 50 minutes until it begins to starve) Allow for spoilage https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Spoilage and also server lagg is an issue also.
  9. I was in the same mind this would happen but wasn't all that bothered and actually thought it was a good idea due to the exploits, however, now I've committed a lot of time (1000+ hours) to taming, building etc.. Server wipe would likely be enough for me and many other to give up the game. I think if that was the intention, it should have been stated early on and most people wouldn't bother committing too much time.
  10. Wildcard said SE by December and i have full faith they will deliver on this promise as they have always done in the past.. oh wait..
  11. Someone has built in pearl cave on my server.
  12. I have also lost around 5 tames to them falling through the mesh, and a few dolphins that just jump out the water and die, and got stuck countless times inside most dinos.
  13. Yes i know, but it doesnt protect players from getting hurt
  14. I can't confirm, but, from my understanding of the wording 'console only server' would be both consoles mixed. Until release though i don't think you will know for sure as getting any confirmation on anything regarding this game is impossible.
  15. Also, in PVE, ORP doesn't apply to the player so wild dinos can also kill you, though the log will usually say 'Player was killed by carno level 10' for example.
  16. I think some player making ant sized characters make a difference too. But i think just general performance and latency is having the largest impact, best thing to do for now is hide in a little rat hole and look out at the entrance, waiting for the alphas zooming about on super speed dinos about to god mode you.
  17. What have you lost? you have not played yet, remember transfers are closed, you are on an even playing field because there are no crossplay servers yet, so everyone will start from scratch. When console launch so will crossplay servers, everyone starts on the beach so no reason at all to boost rates. For smaller tribes and solo players, the game is almost unplayable at times, my server can be down for hours at a time, have rollbacks every hour, 255 ping, progression is very slow. So does this mean PC players who spent more time trying to join capped servers, crashing and losing everything also get boosted rates? If you join a crossplay server, you know exactly what you are getting into, trying to compete with a PC from a console makes no sense to me, but if you do want that then its your choice.
  18. If so, it sounds like they tried to lower the tuso viability in PVP
  19. I dont think the intention is to penalize PS players or make them wait for no reason, from my limited knowledge on the matter, it seem sony have certain requirements, it may be resource usage, file size etc. that must be stricter than microsoft. My guess would be, wildcard are struggling to meet such requirements and/or certification takes longer. We know ASA is currently plagued with issues, they may have allowed more time to resolve some performance problems before setting a release date. I doubt it has anything to do with market share and trying to gain more money from one console than the other. Nothing above is from fact, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  20. I think if it is that much of an issue you may need to wait until mid/late next year because cryos will come with extinction (if they stick to the original plan)
  21. Same, pillar and foundation spam is everywhere. Pillars have changed a little, you now need 2 with a ladder... On most official servers you dont have long to 'claim' a spot, although with lower rates it takes a little longer until the entire map is covered.
  22. It's essentially the same game with an updated engine, however arks code is heavily modified from UE4 so large parts of the code are likely 'copy and paste'. It just is viable to rewrite all the code so therefore we end up with same code = same bugs. I'm still going to give them the benefit of the doubt because i'm hopeful a lot will be fixed, it may be wishful thinking but i feel the game is close, just need a few thing fixed before any additional content.
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