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  1. I take it this is PVE? If so i would say the most common will be lightning wyvern 'lightning' attack, though you can be more creative, how about; Unpod them in a underwater cave (obviously only dinos with a oxygen stat) Leave them on passive in the wyvern trench Take them for swimming lessons... in lava... Skydiving? jump from a high place and dont dismount.. Might be a bit slow. Take them to the boss arena and 'accidentally' disconnect Or why not stick a unlocked cryfridge at your base and let people help themselves, this is what i do on PVE, If you are on PVP its easy, logout for 10 mins 😛
  2. It's fine, just annoying when it comes to using them because its hard to target the right one.
  3. That sounds like an internet issue, maybe firewall. I personally have no issue with the server list, my favs will appear in 1-2 seconds.
  4. Are you on steam? If so, open the Steam client and go to View followed by Servers to see the Steam server list. then check the history tab.
  5. One thing wildcard are good at is giving zero notice. You will find out friday afternoon/evening. Seeing as 3x just ended my guess would be a no, but, who knows! If you need a world event for EVO, then in my country the queen died a few days back so that could be a reason, but, i don't think the US care much about event outside there own country
  6. This game doesnt need updates to stop you playing, my gen servers was down 20+ hours over the weekend
  7. So something like a player upload. Sounds familiar!.. 😛
  8. When you tame anything, the effectiveness will determine how many extra levels it will gain, these levels will get randomly distributed between stats and give you your final dino level (this is the level used when breeding, level ups do not count). A wild dino doesn't have mutations. To determine what mutation you have you will need to compare each parent to the baby. So for example, if one rex has 4000 health and one has 4200 and the baby has something other than those numbers, lets say the baby has 4050 then you have a health mutation but its on the lowest health of both parents. Ideally with breeding, you take your highest stats and breed them together until you get a single male dino with all the best stats you have. You then keep breeding that male with un-mutated females (or females below 20 mutations) If you get a mutation, the dino will gain 2 levels and have a color region change.
  9. I agree with imprints, they need some work rather than shoving a mejo berry in its mouth every 8 hours.. I don't think boss arena should be lose everything, more often than not I've lost everything due to being disconnected or crashing, boss arenas need to be able to return to, maybe by going back to the obi and having the option to 'join arena', however your dinos will have to get on with it in your absence I have to disagree strongly with this one. I am a color breeder (color > stats) and i have level 1 solid colors for many dinos that have taken me many many generations to get. I have had to breed some of them hundreds of times to get base stats and solid colors. Wild dinos almost never are solid colors or the exact combo i want, if you take that away you leave only stats. The value of a color dinos would be almost nothing without good stats to go with it which you remove by not being able to breed them. Anyway, i think ark2 is going to be something very different, so far sounds like a 3rd person dark souls kind of game.
  10. If you have sent report all you can do is wait, get as many people as you can to send the report.
  11. This already happened a few times, the last time was during GEN 1 source: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/346110/view/4350991989461191441
  12. With 280 saddles you must be on unofficial or single player. On official my rex vary from 40k to 80k health and 2k to 3k melee and 110+ saddles and all bosses are easy using about 10 of them. I don't use rex much now though as i enjoy my bleed army of 10 deinos and 9 allos. they melt everything quickly.
  13. With dragon you really want a herbivore, like theri, they will eat veggie cakes to heal, the dragon fire does a percentage of health, think it's 25%!? So the health doesn't really matter, you want as much damage as possible to take it down quick, I would suggest raising a few deinos, they bleed it and rarely get hit because of there size. As for manticore you have to be careful of torpor, Rex have high base torpor so are a good choice. As with any boss fight saddles are important, I wouldn't want to go to anything above gamma with prim though. Try running drops for a while, even ramshackle would be better, I wouldn't go without 60+ for beta and 100+ for alpha myself I have never bothered with a pig, a few seconds of healing usually isn't worth it when you can replace it with more teeth. I would say you will be fine, if you play it smart. Don't forget to take a shotgun and gas mask with you.
  14. See i thought this too, but then you would have 5 different clans in alliance instead, you can even use throw away accounts to claim and area then just use it for ally building.
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