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  1. HELP! Game Blackscreening joining server ASAP crossplay EU Rag 852 server ive spent the last half hour trying to join the server it loading the files then black screen! i crashed while underwater so my stuff is gone its not letting me join at all, ive got baby dinos out which are all going to die how do i resolve ASAP??
  2. im on crossplay pve is there a topic for that cluster?
  3. yeah i have a yuty 3k stam 25k health, i dont plan on breeding up megatheriums just for a one time fight tho can you recommend what i should level the health on my rexs too? i would but no one has bred them on my server and it seems like a waste of time to breed them myself as i dont plan on doing the broodmother more than one time good too know what health would you put on the rexs? and i have a yuty got 3k stam and 25k health is there any need for a piggy? and im a solo player on pve can other tribes join the boss fight? good too know can you recommend what i should level my rexs health too?
  4. Can my rexs do the alpha broodmother?? Hi All, My Rex Stats (No Imprint) Health : 12.3K Stamina: 2.3k Melee Damage: 455% yeah there are the base stats what shall level the heath and melee too for an alpha broadmother build? I haven't got a rex saddle blueprint yet but suggestion on the armour i should be looking for would help alot i dont mind losing some rexs as i only plan on doing the broodmother once if my rexes are not strong enough
  5. Add an option on consoles to remove lighting effects Please can we get a tick box option in the options menu to remove lighting glare! i know you can remove it in single player and the game looks a thousand times better the lighting effects do nothing but cause eye strain and in some cases the light effects causes strobe effects which again causes eye strain sidenote: make MATT Paint available so we can remove the horrible glare on metal structures!!!! or make the metal structures oxidised in appearance! I cant be the only one who cant stand the constant glare join the conversation help the devs to see the issue
  6. This has Happened Twice in 2 days now https://imgur.com/NnULb0W
  7. Ark Xbox One Offical Server Suggestion Playing on Xbox One - Official Servers My Suggestion Allow Players to alter the graphic setting to improve performance. My Reasoning Game freezing and crashing ALOT (Not Update Related) i believe it to be a rendering issue which could simply be solved by turning some effects off. I Understand if you cant implement this on the pvp side due to unfair advantage but i see nothing but positives for the pve side
  8. Game Freezing All The Time! Right ive lost two Argentives now due to the game freezing right at the moment im about to attack a dino! can you please allow us to change the graphic settings so the game actually runs! im 99% sure that these freeze/crashes im experiencing are memory related being able to change say lighting effects or water movement or the grass from moving would really free up the much needed ram for the xbox user!
  9. im having the same issue on xbox offical pve i cant do anything until this is fixed this should be a top priority!
  10. Bug - Structures wont place anywhere!! whats Happening: When placing a foundation or any other tillable structure the structure simply dissapears (This is When Trying to Place When The Object Is Green) I suspect the issue is with all item that have snap points the only object i have been able to place is a generator This Bug came about following the last update Please if you are experiencing the bug yourself message on this thread too help the issue to get resolved faster
  11. the levels were before taming and ive level them both rip soo i should only use pre tame stats too judge if a tame is worth taming and post tame stats to judge if a tame is worth breeding? is there a calculator for post tame stats like the one on dododex for pre tame?
  12. Pteranodon Breeding Suggestions? so ive got these two pteranodons soo far im new to breeding are these worth breeding?
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