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  1. Hi, just an update here. Myself and 2 other tribe members defeated gamma brood on official PVP. However, it can be achieved solo if you know what you are doing. In the fight itself, my other 2 tribe members sat back and got the perks. But having a few extra hands to set up the fight is really useful. So get your tribe members involved. So set up here was (building on my original tames amount - see opening post ) are as follows … 10 Megatheriums - 7 wild / 3 bred. ( Mixed HP ranges = 3 were about 15KHP / the average rest were about 10k. One was 7K ) 1 TekRex (wild) - got it to around 14k health with 300 melee. lvl at the fight was 153. 1 Yuty - 100lvl wild base - got up to 14k hp level 150. 1 daeodon set to heal - 150 wild base - got up to 8000k hp. level was 177 at the fight. and had a spare velonosaur 2k HP - so got a friend to chill at the back back and shoot needles into gamma broodmothers head. ( it looked cool) ------------- the fight itself - (and this is the information I struggled to find solid info on in decent detail) - megatheriums took (on average) 2-4k damage across the 10 of them. ( bug boost for the win). I had no casulalties. I obviously used the daeodon and yuty perks. A tribe member was supposed to be sat on the daedon but it got excited and ran into the fight without him haha. (maybe work out group whistles before you go in - we didn't have that). Also, theres a new 'whistle bug' on ark which is a pain, hold 'b' on Xbox to whistle and it gets everyone to follow you first auto - and that caused some issues in our brood fight - luckily we managed to work around it. (see date of post). It was a solid victory - but it took about 5 minutes. Jerry's final thought..... Breeding....my word.....takes a s*** tonne of time on official PVP.....if you don't want pink eye every day for 3 weeks, little sleep and to test the boundaries of life it self, I would just find 10 WILD high level megatheriums (130-140-150levels) and tame them on a good XP weekend with some lamb mutton. Some of my highest HP megas were 15K and from wild. I understand the merit of breeding on ark....but on official PVP...….me personally.....NOOOOO THANKS. I feel the perks for breeding and imprinting in ark should be even MORE INSANE as rewards for the time that goes into it. I will never get that time back haha. Overall. victory was had. SKAL.
  2. Dino Damage stat on Official PVP Hi all, Can anyone help me with a question on 'DINO DAMAGE' stat on Single Player...? Im trying to match the settings for OFFICIAL PVP on my single player. I have Max difficult set overridedifficultyoffset set to 5.0. Single player settings are unchecked. The one thing that I want to clarify is knowing what the actual DINO DAMAGE is on official servers. I just set it to it's highest value of 3.0 and the broodmother boss absolutely destroyed me my army of awesome dinos. Previously I destroyed gamma broodmother when the dino difficulty was set to 1.0 default. I just want an idea of this value on official PVP servers. I've looked but cant seem to find what this value actually is on official servers...
  3. Cool thanks for the help! A lot people are saying you need to level dinos up to 15000-20000 HP. I get that this is an idea to be safe but it’s quite difficult on official PVP playing solo to do this for 19 megatheriums - (granted -boss is a boss) but I’m still wondering what the ’rough minimums’ are against gamma....I’d be interested to know if anyone has experience of what kind of ‘damage numbers’ their main tanking dinos took in the battle against GAMMA broodmother.......for example - let’s say it’s a megatherium army.....most videos I’ve seen for the one who manage to defeat it is that their megatheriums have lost only about 2000HP after the fight....so why need 15-20000hp against gamma?........(it’s not always clear from videos if they are on official severe or their own single player servers ....so it’s all very hard to work out So megatheriums don’t need the mele boost as they get bug boost. id be interested to hear of more folks stories and just how much actually damage gamma broodmother does to the main tanking dinos as a whole.... basically - it I can do it with megatheriums at 10K hp - I’m good to go .....
  4. oh yeah I have a velonosaur - would it's turret gun be good from afar ?
  5. Thanks for the advise. Much appreciated. I've been slowly slowly slogging getting the megatherium numbers up on my own. Takes ages doesn't it? Especially the breeding. I've been playing the game for 5 years and never done a boss, so it's about time I think lol. Guess ill get back to taming up more megatheriums. Eurgh.
  6. Gamma Broodmother minimum Hey all, Wondering if I could get some expert advise on minimums requirements for defeating GAMMA Broodmother? Never done a boss before and a solo player. Got 7 Megatheriums - 2 are bred so got 7000+HP and 500%+ melee, another 2 are wild level 232 with 6000HP with 500% melee, one is level 150 with 4000HP with 400% melee and the other 2 are low level. Then got a level 130 yutryannus. + 2 direwolf level level 180+ 1 sabre tooth Level 180+ 1 Daedon for healing and a level 30 frog hahaha. Will that kill GAMMA broodmother? ( megatheriums have the bug buff etc???) Its official PVP
  7. Cryopod dissapeared when deployed Anyone know why my crypod vanished with my tame in it after I deployed it? It said 'cannot deploy' and it just disappeared.....
  8. I just lost my level 190 + argy a few hours ago…..ive been using it for so long....I unleashed the cryopod this morning......it said it couldn't deploy and it disappeared from my inventory.....I destroyed my base to see if it went underneath......logged in and out...….it's gone...… :(
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