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  1. Yes, it’s an official server. The only info I found which is similar to what happened to me it’s here (old post and link inside on how-to exploit): I just wanted to ask the community if maybe this would be related to this or a new bug, I personally think it is. It kills all the fun to play knowing that someone can just come and cheat like that, I was even thinking in spending money to get Amber, but what’s the point?...
  2. PVP Walk-Through-Wall Cheaters?? Apologies if this comes as ignorant, but I just got raided my two metal bases (6x2 and 8x2) at PVP Crossbow Europe server.. ok I understand this can happen... BUT! the guy that did this broke into my base (KAMIL - Turkish Army Tribe) without destroying ANY metal piece on the outside! Nothing not even damage! Yet he killed me and destroyed all my stuff inside, even a door there was inside, but again nothing outside, no ceiling, no base, no wall nor doors.. How is this even possible? Maybe I am missing something? Either there is a “wall-crossing super power” or cheat, or they were kind to build the doors again (but this is not possible as it was my door base). Please someone help me clarifying this, else I need evidence else to escalate and report cheating! Thanks!
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