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  1. complaint and report other players complaint and report other players I have some complaints about a new tribe on my server, I would like to know if I should open a ticket for each complaint or a complaint with numerous sub items
  2. although we have changed or topic of conversation, some interesting things, I am an ordinary player based on the affected servers, but from previous experiences my loss does not make up for the time it takes to open a ticket how long to revert or return the server to a previous point, I don't particularly believe it is more advantageous In my case I removed several items among them dinos that would go in an arena of another dlc, if they return, from the duplication of my character to the total duplication of 35 dinos and mounts and other items. In addition, administrators delegate good power to GMs, so I believe that individually we can discuss our losses; if you believe this was the last time, forget it, this is the price to pay for real time games. it is not exclusive for ARK to lose connection or suffer attacks from people who do nothing more in their lives than upset the lives of others.
  3. whar are we talking? publication in another topic? edit langage change
  4. first of all I apologize for the small number of posts, my wife created an account for the forum and I received notice about duplicate account, so we chose to share this single account, anyone who works with IT or plays online for a long time, knows that companies always have a support staff 50 hours a day. expecting the moderator to create an apology post after each new insertion is also silly, it would only uselessly fill the forum with post, if I were the administrator of this server, as soon as there were no clients connected, I would be very worried, so believe me, there must be a lot of people awake at this time, let's be fair to our providers and just put direct information stating the number of the server and the screen information, and do not expect a new response to each post, after all, give a thumbs up to only those who have read all the entries in this post. after the stabilization of the servers, I will only open a ticket with as much information as possible waiting for action (of which we always had on all tickets, not all were satisfactory to me but were honest)
  5. welcome to the land of the Stranger. being solo is even stranger. but get used to it, strange things are part of the ark.
  6. Was it good that you stayed at ARK? well the beds must be built on solid bases, it is normal to fall under the structures. but also the package time is low. all of us who play more than 5k hours a year, we are used to losses, after all it’s like this keep yourself alive
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