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  1. if you have built a house and you don't know where the fault is, you will have to disassemble the parts that are connected to the platforms the cables from the electric generator and the water pipes are also problematic. you can use a cruise missile to dismantle the structure in the platform, when after the shot and impact, the image returns to the platform and you have some time to dismantle, for example, a pipe or a foundation, before the platform is rendered. this works on my server and I used it to destroy part of the structures in the platform without having to destroy the platform (work only on servers) good placed platfoms bad placed platforms (ceilings on platfoms is snaped cross)
  2. if you snap structures cross platforms you obtan this text about far away. one platform one building. so you must create small gap between platforms and structures and separate the structures of each platform separately
  3. everytime i use cooked meat. combine with tek through is a best choice. raw meat maybe give more food but babyfood and babyhp cap raising with growing up. the more hp baby misses, the more eating . , raw meat give 5 hp and have fast spoiltime. 40 per stack. cooked meat have beter spoiltime and give 8hp .. easy calculation for me cooked meat is better. 50 in stack lasts longer, gives more hp. and i have more time for another work/fun. if you raising baby on hi rate server with biger stacks, your choice is a raw meat.
  4. not all about only stats. for bos fight you need good saddles. for rex 100+ armor. if you have low saddles, your dinos need more hp. rex is a universal boss dino but here is a many other very good dinosaurs for bossfights, spinosaur (water boost good for spider bossfight) therizino fast meele dps need breeding for boss fights, pack alllosaurs is a amazing with pack boost to damage 50% and damage reduction 25%, ferox, you need some good helms redy for change but with helmet 1000+ armor and durra.. (i use it for master controler. fast and super mobile dino. or you take tank, stegosaur , amazing damage reduction, but slow. so stego with cakes and kibbles and you with good shotgun and many ammo ....... immortal combination 🙂 many dinosaurs many possibilities
  5. specific ovis on 60 % spawn babies under texture. next problem is a places with double textures floor (texture under texture). on this place is a big chance spawn baby under texture. many spawned babies grown under texture. aka reaper and more.. the best option is to put pillars and ceilings above the floor so that there is an empty space between the dinosaur and the floor. for doedicurus femaale use hatch frame.
  6. kill one fish and game spawn 3 new.. this is trick how to finish mission
  7. 1 Basilisk - make basilisk breedable, beter swimming (in real sneaks is very fast swimers ) climbing small rocks up 2 walls height. now basilisk stuck on every stone on ground 🙂 2sabertooth -need beter healthpool and raise basic weight stat. 3megaloceros - add bleeding for tamed version, learn megaloceros colect berries. 4carnotaurus - this dino need rework. is a small ugly and funny dinosaur. who is afraid of this predator? no one . every description in world say is a horible predator but in ark is a fun . 5Araneo - make araneo same as in Atlas. in atlas is a araneo great . in ark is araneo nothing. low damage low stamina, low stats.
  8. on island map you must be very lucky for drop good rex sadle bp on drop rate 1x. on island is drop chance very very low. i play on server where is a rate drop quality2x an on island i play half year , going many caves many x times, ocean drops x times and nothing. my first rex bp (125) is from extintion purple drop. if yoou need go boss in ark is a many dinsaurs for go boss fight. why ppl going boses only with rexes? try allosaurs this dinosaursis a amazing, have pack bonus for 50%+ damage and damage reduction 20%with pack (pack is a 3 ), therizinosaur very good damage, herbivore eating vegetable cakes that healing him, spinosaurus good damage good hp, water buff stegosaurus + shotgun. best tank ingame 🙂 slow movement, healing from cakes, big damage taken reductions. dismount prevention, with good shotgun you easy kill many boses in ark. best with combination other up dinosaurs. + you have yutyrannus for dmg and resistence buf, and daeodon (with basic kibles in inventory for fast food recover )for healing. this dinosaurs is on island, yes you must. spent some time for breeding and combining stats. all have very good chance for find good saddle bp.
  9. 1.yes for biger structures. everyone who plays ark knows how slow it is to load larger bases, which mostly consist of a thousand + pieces. all this causes the base to load slowly, and base laging your game. biger structures could optimize the base render/loading. medium and big version for basic structures aka, foundations, walls, ceilings, pillars,roofs. small structure = classic 1x1 medium = 2x2 for pillar 2x long big = 4x4, 2x4 for pillar 4x long 2. beter glass structures. glass now is useles. decay time, and glass hp. maybe tek glass version? 3. tek version Refrigerator with 100+ inventory and snaping more Refrigerators. 4.snaping system for container structures,aka vaults,refrigenators, (best is activate and deactivate snapping wits some key.) 5. repair througs. many time after death all throughs in base have activate visual indicator. and you must go relog for repair this bug 6. repair small gate snapping, (if you snap 10+- gates and you destroy one on end or start, all other destroy to. why?) 7. make paintable all structures 🙂 i still wait for promised structure tlc
  10. top vote, another pvp situaated dinosar?. another useless dinosaur with a machine gun that no one will even remember after a month.
  11. make aliance with yout neighbors :-).
  12. you can fly in this zones with desmondus. or maewing
  13. new map fjordur and same issue. wild shadowmanes not use special atack. tamed is ok and all work good. wild is useles.
  14. tek pod work. but if your level is a biger than 135 + you dont see online how your experience raising in pod. for test lay in pod, look your xp numbers. stay in pod some minutes, look at your xp numbers. nothing change yes? stay in pod and go relog. after relog, your xp numbers is bigger.. on hi level you dont see how your xp raising. same is if you scrap stone in to flint. on hi level, nothing raise online (your xp is a very big number). if you use some xp boosts aka toilet, soup, note xp, golden egg, with this boosts you see again how your xp again raising online :-). in pod 🙂
  15. dino level is not all. i see on server many ppl with 400 lvl rexes with bambilion mutations in nothing. :-)... one time you tame 150 lvl dino with 48points in movement speed or oxygen 🙂 and 29 points in hp and damage. next time you tame 135 level dino with 49 points in damage. so 135 lvl dino win. all is about points in right stats.
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