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  1. Still haven’t found a cluster i like, also still needing suggestions!
  2. I am new to ark on the PS4(played on mobile for years) and I am looking for a cluster server that contains at least all of the story maps.(The island, SE, Aberration, Extinction, and Gen 1 & 2.) Preferably PVE and has an active player base on most Arks. While I don't want to feel overcrowded, I also don't want to feel like I'm playing a single player world. If anyone knows of a server that matches the requirements, please let me know so that I can look into them. Thanks, Nonow237
  3. Come join The Forgotten ARK! We are a new server almost completely unpopulated. Currently PVE, PVP will start June 18 so join early to get the best locations and be prepared for the fight to come! Free level 10 to save the first few minutes of xp grind. As well as 40 free crowbars and 1 free cantilever platform! (some rates slightly boosted)
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  6. Do pheromone darts work in dungeon fight rooms? They are fairly hard to make but if you can turn dinos on each other than it could be worth the time. Also which is better for dungeons, Flak or riot. Cost is not an issue. I have found that riot armor tends to overheat me when it is a full asc set.
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