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  1. Do pheromone darts work in dungeon fight rooms? They are fairly hard to make but if you can turn dinos on each other than it could be worth the time. Also which is better for dungeons, Flak or riot. Cost is not an issue. I have found that riot armor tends to overheat me when it is a full asc set.
  2. Best difficulty? Bp Damage to Dino Health What is the best single player difficulty? Is there a difficulty where the weapon damage of blueprints is better, in ratio to the health of dinosaurs than the other difficulties. I am aware that blueprints scale with difficulty but if there is one that seems to be better than the others.
  3. You can’t really tell but the middle picture has the symbol to the left of the God console symbol. I used Photoshop to create images.
  4. Boss Console For Ark Mobile? I’ve been wanting something like this for a while so I made up a little presentation I guess you could say. I want other peoples opinions. And if wildcard sees this maybe they’ll consider it.
  5. I just shot his head till he went out then put the saddle in.
  6. Artifact of the devourer What is the point of the artifact of the devourer in mobile?
  7. This is right except I didn’t start the pursuit.
  8. I used about 10 metal battlements and had over 200 rocket launchers. With god console i had unlimited ammo. It took about 1 to 1.5 hours. I was able to fly right up to the head for a headshot every time.
  9. Tame requesting not working! I am playing on my single player world and when I go to request a tame it will go through the loading part and then right when you think it will teleport the tame to you it says “tame could not be requested.” This is happening to all of my dinos. If anyone has any idea what’s going on please help. Also is this just me or are other people having this problem too?
  10. Thanks, I ended up making a very large cage so he could still walk around and then setting it to 400% speed and used a rocket launcher with infinite ammo. Perks of God Console.
  11. Trying to tame a Titanasaur! Plz help! Hi all. I am trying to tame a titanasaur on my single player map. I have god console but i am not sure of the best way to go about doing this. The quicker the better thou i know this is a longer tame. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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