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  1. I remember when they first started allowing transfers.  Alot of folks complained at first, but eventually they understood that it was a great idea and the positives outweigh the negatives.  Of course for the negatives we are typically talking about PVP and not PVE.  I get it, in PVP for the standard official servers a Mega tribe might swoop in and wipe the server but I think this happens alot less frequently than people think.  The counter to this as well is the CrossArk servers that can't be reached by those Mega tribes.

  2. 2 hours ago, Oldster said:

     I love how this is a perfect reflection of real life. Humans instinctively seize as much and far more than they need and then are surprised when others object.

    "You mean owning 100 acres and building a house 3x larger than I'll ever need somehow affects others? Golly!"

    I don't see the point of this comment or how it's even relevant. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Liadoa said:

    Inactive tribe leader transfer

    Hey all,

    Our tribe leader seems to have quit playing ark and we are considering joining another clan, but would like to merge.

    After reading many old posts about inactive tribe leaders, I came across some newer posts as well, saying ownership should auto transfer after 7 days of inactivity of leader. Is this a thing on officials (pc) and should the problem we have resolve after decay is activated again?

    Thanks for any feedback :)

    I just created a poll in game suggestions to add this feature which is a great idea. Head over there and vote it up!

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  4. 8 minutes ago, AngrySaltire said:

    Honestly cant think of any scenario. Apparantly the range is greater on the harpoon launcher but I wouldnt think that would be worth it over high quality crossbows

    Both. You can craft spear bolts and tranq spear bolts.

    Ok good to know.  So using Dododex you can actually customize your crossbow and compare it to the harpoon gun.  Primitive Crossbow takes about 190 tranqs vs a 150 Mosa while it's 100 tranqs in a harpoon gun.  If you customize your crossbow in the app it'll tell you exactly how many arrows you'd need with that exact crossbow and there you'll have your answer.

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  5. 15 hours ago, Wickus said:

    Every one I know has been meshed and  now hide in the mesh where it's safer because if you're at the bottom of the map or on top of 30 layers people actually have to soak bullets.

    If you havent been meshed you've been lucky or you're lying

    I guess I've been lucky.  Dude, seriously.  You know this is just a game right?  You know games are supposed to be fun right?  If you aren't having fun, which it doesn't really sound like you are. Then quit and play something else.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, SaltyMonkey said:

    Harpoon vs Crossbow

    In which circumstances would you use a harpoon launcher over a high damage crossbow?

    Good question.  I've never made one let alone used one so I'd be curious as well.  Can harpoons be used to knock something out or only for killing?

  7. Just now, SapphireSam7 said:

    If I am reading this correctly, you are suggesting that there be an easier way you can reorganize the levels engrams can be learned at, and/or eliminate the use of some engrams in the server settings menu?

    How would you imagine that lay out? I can think of a few methods that may be a bit user friendly, but I am curious as to how you are visualizing this set of settings. 

    Well the simplest would be just listing all the engrams in one place and having a check / uncheck section so you could pick and choose which engrams are allowed and not allowed in your server.  I'd make a button for select all and unselect all.  You could also divide it between maps and have a seperate section just for Tek.  That would be amazing and simple.  Plus it works with the current settings that Ark uses right now.

  8. Create an easy checklist of Engrams for Dedicated servers

    The last time I hosted a dedicated server the ability to select which Engrams you wanted to allow and not allow was a huge pain.  We wanted to create a server where you'd start in Thatch age, move to wooden age, then stone, metal, tek.  During each state we'd determine which engrams would make sense to unlock.  Wow, it's a ton of work and would be very nice to make this easier to configure.

  9. On 4/25/2019 at 8:23 AM, Arkaholic said:

    You can do blue orbital drops for easy cryopods. Let's not make the game to easy.

    Sure, but you usually get what 2?  Each orbital drop takes a decent amount of time as well.  I'd be fully in support of having them craftable in a terminal if folks are against using the fabby.  Just something else besides the replicator.  I'm a small tribe looking to keep to a very small footprint and the replicator is huge and it doesn't make sense to need one just for cryopods.

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  10. On 4/26/2019 at 3:15 AM, asmodiandevils said:

    Let's not make changes. There is a viable market for endgame players and I have yet to see anyone gauge others. I have seen as low as 40 Ingots per cryopod. I do believe the status quo is fine. Also there is incentive for a player to purchase extinction which helps the longevity of the game. Also if you don't have a replicator ---- > MAKE FRIENDS and you will certainly enjoy the benefits of bringing your mats and crafting there.

    Yours is a very PVE answer.  Doesn't necessarily translate to PVP though.


    54 minutes ago, serpy said:

    Cause first off it’s cheating and it’s also cheating to unlock the engrams, I am very against commands in my current playthrough, unlike the last one.. ;-;

    Eh is it?  Call it an experiment.  You could then destroy the 2nd Lightening.  Also it doesn't take Engrams to spawn in a Wyvern.

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  12. 19 minutes ago, d1nk said:

    I watched the torpor drop faster, I thought so too but I did a little googling and needed an egger theriz any how. Unless its just visual.

    I guess we could test it on single player to confirm. One with just berries the other with berries and stims and see how it goes!

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  13. 40 minutes ago, d1nk said:

    Yes it does - have a LOAD of narc berries also if you plan to do this.. i did it a few weeks ago and the torpor drop is insane. Let it build to full then spam like 100 stim,then 100 narc, let build then stim again.

    Interesting. I had a tribe mate tell me recently that this was patched so good to know!

  14. On 5/14/2019 at 10:53 AM, serpy said:

    Couple days ago on singleplayer I got myself a 228 lighting Wyvern Egg, that thing is a beast and 100% imprint makes it unstoppable, literally even gigas cant kill it. But could I use it to tame a titan? Forest titan specifically. I know they are good against desert titans and absolutely demolish them but could I nock off all its corrupted nodes before I end up killing it? I don’t wanna figure this out on my own I really don’t wanna lose that wyvern and I’m too broke to afford a decent Mek blueprint any suggestions for other tames to use will help aswell.

    Since it's on singleplayer why not spawn one in? You could try it out and see if it's a good choice.  My thought is the lightening can be a bit erratic so would do damage to the titan, but I could be wrong.

  15. 2 minutes ago, invincibleqc said:

    Yes, fresh tames can only be uploaded on the next server save. If you look carefully, the list tells you how long you must wait:


    Yep saw that too so I waited until the timer went down. but same issue I got the message and then the Velo wouldn't upload.  It wasn't that the icon was greyed out, it's just that when I clicked on it and accepted the destroyed dino message nothing happened.

  16. 2 minutes ago, invincibleqc said:

    That only happens when that specific creature was recently downloaded. Basically, when you download a creature on a server, you must wait at least 12 hours for it to be able to be uploaded again. Cryopodded creatures can be uploaded regardless of that cooldown.

    Yep you're right, except I was also having this issue with creatures I had just tamed and had never been through the Ob before.  I tamed a Velo and was taking it back to the Island and had the same issue.  I ended up having to free up a Cryopod and just take him back that way.


    FYI I put in a suggestion to remove the 12 hour restriction since it's very antiquated with the addition of Cryopods, don't you agree?

  17. Anyone else having issues transferring dinos without Cryo?

    Last couple of times I've tried putting dinos into drops I've seen the message " it says are you sure? Uploading the data will destroy your creature and everything in it's inventory."

    I go ahead and click yes and then the dino just sits there and doesn't upload.  In the past I've not had issues uploading dinos so is this a new bug?  Of course the best way to transfer is with Cryopods but I don't have any at the moment.

  18. 11 hours ago, ForzaProiettile said:

    As Snipsnip said it will show up as the old name. This also works for dinosaur names btw. The reason for this is simple, for whatever reason the ARK devs store this data as plain text rather then in a dynamic fashion by say linking tribe and dino id's. I guess its a performance thing but it does result in outdated data not being updated when other variables change such as new tribe names.

    yeah thanks I'm guessing they were allied with another big tribe I'd never heard of who was aware of our location.  We were foundation wiped a few days later, just the dino gates remaining.  The base was pretty well hidden, but not well enough.  Next time we'll do better!  Already started to get gear prepped for the next attempt at raiding.  We've also learned the hard way if you don't want to get found out, don't die LOL

  19. On 5/11/2019 at 11:21 AM, Snipsnip said:

    Just be careful of the tribe name cooldown timer. Before we realised the time between being able to change tribe name had been lengthened, my wife and I went raiding on server and changed our name to Kmart Mummies. We had to wear that name for days, needless to say neither of us said anything in global the entire time. 

    LOL awesome!  Didn't matter, we were wiped anyways. I'm guessing someone already knew where we were located.  We had minimal defenses just a Velo but it was fun and a good learning experience LOL.

  20. Nobody ever mentions it, and I've not seen any videos on it, but there is a cave below the mountain facing green Ob right off the river that runs into Wyvern bay.  You can actully fly right through this cave because it's open on both ends.  What I do is put pillars on the bay side of the cave, enough where a Griffin can fly through but the Wyvern cannot.  Then I build a small stone bunker outside the pillared side with windows frames facing the cave.  Use your Griffin or Pteri and have a Wyvern follow you into the river side of the cave and then fly through the pillars.  She's trapped and you can fly into your small bunker and close the door shooting the Wyvern from the windows.  It works great, and doesn't take a ton of resources.  I've also done it without the bunker but it just makes me a bit too uneasy being exposed out there so that part is up to you.  If you just make the pillars and no bunker it's of course by far the cheapest and fastest way to go.

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  21. So many great taming experiences, many different ones from Quetzals, to Mana's, high level Giga's, Rex's, etc.  I'd echo AngrySaltire in that my favorite experience wasn't taming, but getting eggs and in my case Wyvern Eggs.  I can't think of anything more exciting than jumping off your flyer with the blood pumping and picking up a super high level egg.  Since most of the time you are grabbing 20's, 50's, etc just the elation from grabbing say a 170 or 180 egg is hard to beat!

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