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  1. On 7/8/2019 at 6:38 AM, covenantgrunt said:

    Classic is fine. It's just that hardcore pvpers or megatribe type players coming from officials can't handle it. Classic does not have ez mode Abberation farming, or unraidable cave bases. They can't handle farming with argies. They put in enormous amount of effort in trying to ape official style bases and tactics with Argy farming. Which obviously will drive anyone insane and people just start quitting after a while. And then when after 2 months of nolifing and grinding everything gets wiped in a day it just crush their little souls and they just quit instead of rebuilding. Meanwhile the bobs in their little turret bases or hidden outposts are prospering. Small tribes used to reality of ark being a dangerous, unforgiving world where you get wiped and have to rebuild. Most of them never had the ez mode conveniences like teleporters and transmitters that mega tribes take for granted. For tryhards moving stuff off server with drops or obelisks drive them nuts, for bobs it's just another day in ark.

    It is ironic but classic is a bobs paradise. Out of all the official modes this is the place to be for smaller tribes, even better than 6mans which is just tryhards trying to become YouTube stars or teaming to create defacto megatribes. On classic a lot of the toxic tryhards could not hack it anymore and quit and it's become the best environment for casual ark players. Keep classic going, megatribe players make a tiny portion of the playerbase. In their view there is only "bobs and roleplayers" on classic  therefore it is dead. They just can't handle the idea that there is more to ark than their little cliques doing their infantile rivalry. Just because they are not active does not mean classic is dead.

    Ok you have peaked my interest.  I just started playing small tribes about a month ago, and yeah it's no joke for a small tribe guy who plays maybe 12 hours a week to get ahead.  I just take my lumps and keep on plugging.  I'll have to check more into this mode and see what it has to offer!

  2. 2 hours ago, Lycan187u said:

    I agree SMP fresh starts are the best pvp experience  .being in an alpha tribe for years it's going stale no competition besides the occasional  transfered raider which doesn't even attack our base .he  goes for the bobs lol or mid tier bases .the struggle for power is the best after u have it its just meh...

    This is why I've never join large tribes.  I did it once and before you know it, I was the one trying to maintain the whole thing.  Eventually I just had to quit.

  3. 7 minutes ago, AcyanidePancake said:

    you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move.

    and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace.

    and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.

    I'd be fine with that and I don't think it'd be used nearly as much as it is now.  The amount of work to either use a very slow Quetzal and possibly get it shot down might be too much for most folks, or any other method vs using an Argie or Wyvern would be acceptable to me.  Right now the current method of pick it up with an Argie or Wyvern really hurts the game.

  4. 7 hours ago, HoboNation said:

    A lot of this can be avoided by avoiding certain new player mistakes which you are currently committing.  I understand that certain things not showing in the tribe log can be annoying such as when players use explosives and such however this also can be avoided.

    don't set up a permanent base until you can make it at least stone, and even then you are very vulnerable and unless you have some defenses then you should try to keep your base away from highly populated areas and as hidden as possible. Idealy you want to get to metal as soon as possible and even then you want to be hidden untill you have defense.

    Plant species x is your friend, probably will be your best early game defense, don't rely on your dinos to defend you, they never will, also taming anything under lvl 130 is essentially a throw away dino on PVP, it will always be weak and you can pretty much count on it dying at some point, whenever I tame something low level it will be a temporary tame I need for something which after doing said thing I will take back the saddle put it on wander and let it go off into the distance, anything you plan to keep around and have as a more permanent tame you want to tame something over 130. But early game plants, spam large crop plots, get some fertilizer (dung beetles are amazing for this) and spam as many plant species x as you possibly can. It is not a sure defense and a determined raider will still get in but atleast it will deter lower level raiders and may discourage some who may not feel it is worth their time. Your point about you losing everything and it costing them nothing is the key statement, you want it to have to cost them something. by having plants defending you they will need to destroy those plants and then by having a metal/stone base they will need explosives to get into your base.

    Another thing to know is to have dinos in your base that are on aggressive, this will mean that if they break in your dinos will attack them and they will be forced to kill them, this will make their names appear in your tribe log. I like to stash a huge hoarde of dimorphodons in my base as they are good at killing other creatuers when you have a decent sized swarm. Raiders will blow in but then get taken off gaurd as a swarm of teeth and wings flies at them and potentially kills them and the tamed creatures they brought with them to raid you, even if they get in and loot your base at least now it has come at a cost to them.

    Finally you want turrets for more permanent defense but pretty much the bottom line about this game is that it is geared towards raiding, it isnt just early game, every base no matter how advanced can be raided and likely will be at some point, being more built up just buys you more time, the more time you can waste for a raider the less worth it your base will be to raid and the more time you have to come back online before you are wiped.

    Now there are plenty more tips and tricks to startup and defend yourself on PVP servers and you can find all of this with simple youtube and google searches, however if you find you are really not enjoying the raiding mechanic then perhaps PVE will be a better environment to learn the game first. PVP servers are rough and new players should expect to fail and get wiped many times before you learn how to survive on a server. This is what I went through and what we all had to go through. Expect to fail don't get too attached to your progress and take every set back as a learning experience and you will get better, if losing hours of progress is too much for you to just accept and move on or start over from then try PVE or try a server with offline raid protection. 

    I used to feel the most important thing to do on a server was to setup somewhere, I was wrong, the most important thing is to level up and get to the higher tier of engrams. I will not even buid a base untill I'm level 60+ usually, unless I'm planning on using a raft. Live nomadic untill you are able to build metal or stone with tons of plants for protection and then when you are ready scout a hidden spot in a remote location and you will have much better longevity. 

    I hope this helps

    The current meta of flying around with a parasaur to detect you and your tames eliminates the ability to hide anymore.  WC needs to remove that ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    Brings up a good point. And normally I would think, sure, you're risking riding a really weak dino around it's almost a decent trade-off.

    Then again, if the mechanic was intended that it was for guarding over bases, just disable it unless the dino is not moving at all. Problem solved. If you want to fly it some place. park it, (maybe give it a small cooldown), wait for the cooldown and then... pick it up and move again. Just to find a base. Fine.

    But that's a far cry from the way it is now. Turn it on, pick it up and zoom around the map.

    Or... make it so it just doesn't detect Reapers or purlos... solves some of the problems with hidden loot.

    I like your first option, or maybe if a Parasaur is being carried it can't detect.  The hidden loot mechanic is important, but so the ability to just create a hidden base in say dense trees while also being able to have a few dinos as well.  With the current Meta none of those are options anymore.

  6. 7 minutes ago, SMP said:

    As someone who starts with the small, hidden base, I'm not worried about parasaur detection at all.  I realize I'm at my most vulnerable in those first few days and grind to suitable defenses ASAP.  That's a small window of time to be caught by one of the few players who actually use the detection.

    It depends on what you call a small window.  For some folks who only play a couple hours a night max like myself we need maybe 5 days to get to the point of not worrying about detection.  5 days is not insignificant.

  7. The Parasaur and the find the hidden base meta

    Curious what folks think about this new meta where tribes carry a Parasaur around to find small hidden bases for raiding purposes.  In the past some folks, myself included would enjoy the idea of creating a small hidden base somewhere in order to allow them the time to stockpile supplies where at some point they may or may not build up somewhere when their ready.  This new Meta almost completely eliminates the ability to do this.  Instead we are forced to go out and attempt to acquire cryopods instead, and we must also kill ourselves or at the very least log off somewhere outside our bases.  Is this what the devs envisioned when adding these new abilities to the Parasaur?  Is it possible this was an unforeseen side ability where the real intent was to warn a tribe of a potential intruder instead and therefore being more defensive instead of offensive?  What do you folks who play PVP think about this and whether or not we should request WC to remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer.

  8. On 4/25/2019 at 8:23 AM, Arkaholic said:

    You can do blue orbital drops for easy cryopods. Let's not make the game to easy.

    Coming back to your answer again and let you know about my experience last night.  Playing on Small tribes server and friend and I tamed a couple of owls and went after a blue orbital drop.  Another guy said he was there first, ok cool. Off to find another one.  Found it now working on taking it out.  2 guys come over with Mana's and kill us both and our newly tamed owls.  This is the issue in a hostile PVP environment with getting cryopods out of blue drops.  They just take too long to complete and you are at risk of getting murdered while trying to get them.  With the Parasaur meta of people carying those around to find hidden bases you really need Cryopods early game just to keep from getting off-lined and there is absolutely no where to hide your tames.  by allowing folks to at least make them in terminals small tribes have a shot at surviving because at least in PVP no it definitely would not be too easy.

  9. Help me squash the rumor re: Small Tribes being wiped

    Please help me squash this rumor.  I was just chatting with a guy last night who plays Ark and he was told that WC is going to wipe all the Small Tribes servers in the next week or so and start fresh while adding in some new formats like 3 man tribes with one alliance allowed? I don't know where these rumors start but please help me squash this one.  I'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere in the community crunches so I can only assume it's false but thought I'd post here anyways just to confirm.  He also said there are going to be new crossArk servers, but again I've heard or seen nothing anywhere about that one either.

  10. 1 minute ago, d1nk said:

    More talking about the infinite lightning glitch, sometimes after a lightning storm it doesnt stop and keeps flashing (even if its sunny) forever until you relog

    Ah, no I don't believe I've experienced that one. Sounds unpleasant. 

  11. A couple of thoughts on this:

    1. Sorry but I call bull crap on most of those people saying if there was a full wipe of official servers they'd quit.  Do I think they'd stop playing and try something else for awhile? Sure I absolutely think that would happen and I think it's great!  People need a chance to stop playing Ark for awhile and try other things.  The nature of this game makes that possibility difficult so a wipe would allow that healthy act to happen.  Mark my words though they'll eventually come back.  This game just pulls at you like no other game I've ever played.  You get tired of playing for awhile but it'll call you back.

    2.  I think some folks here are onto something with the idea of a cluster of servers that wipe periodically.  I think 30 days is way too soon, but I think something like a 6 month extinction server would be very appealing.  This gives everyone a ton of time to get really far and basically beat the game, and then start over again.  I've always said I think the very beginning of Ark is the best, and the maintaining stages late in the game can get to be a bit of a drag so 6 months and then you start over again would be pretty awesome.

  12. 4 hours ago, Lycan187u said:

    I would definitely  rejoin official pvp if wiped ;) and create a megatribe with all my buddies and rule the ark!!!! We wiped everyone on our cross ark server got real boring no competition. ..

    That's because CrossArk is typically low pop servers so naturally you wipe everyone off the cluster the pop will get even lower...

  13. 16 hours ago, SaltyMonkey said:

    My unofficial cluster doesn’t even have decay...

    I really enjoyed the no auto-decay while it was deactivated a month or so ago.  that being said, I was on a low pop cross-ark server so it was cool there.  I'm sure on the high pop official servers it'd be a nightmare, plus there was a spot I wanted to build a taming pen on extinction and there was an old base that had been raided.  I was super pumped to see 1 day 20 hours to go :)...

  14. 7 minutes ago, d1nk said:

    I dont know... I think The Center's siezure skies and infinite lightning is worse! The reason I dont play that map much

    I like the center and it doesn't have that crazy light all the time but you're right when it does it's very difficult to see. Oh wait you said lightening LOL.  I kinda like the lightening but it does get dreary after awhile.  It's why some folks get depressed when it rains all the time.

  15. 1 hour ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

    Pteradn storage

    Hello, I am a solo player on Xbox official pvp. I am new to pvp as most of my hours are in single player. I live in a one by two hut made half of stone, half of metal around 75 lat 45 lon. I have a metal tools, a crossbow, a pike, and chitin armor. I have no tames, and I am planing on gaming a ptera this afternoon. My main problem is that I don’t have a spot to store my ptera. The only reason I haven’t been raided is, because my base is very hidden. I am considering building a 1 by 1 stone building two stories tall with one side being two double doors on top of each other a lit ways from my base. While testing this out in single player I noticed the ptera’s wings sticking out a bit. I am wondering if players can attack him or if the alpha carno in the area would. This leads me to my next question. Should I put a roof on the hut, and what should I set my ptera’s aggression level to? I will probably put him to passive flee as I will probably be taming a ptera around level 15. Thanks!

    Ah yes this is always the concern when starting out and wanting your first tame.  Typically no you can't have your bird attacked from creatures outside your building even if it's sticking out a bit.  It might be possible to kill it with a pike, but I don't think so as it should be protected.  Your biggest concern IMO will be folks flying around with Parasaurs set on enemy detect looking for bases like yours so once you have a pteri you'll be vulnerable to that type of detection.  If you've been logging out with your body inside the base then you've avoided that sort of detection to this point so adding the pteri won't be any greater risk.  The best thing you can do for yourself is head to extinction and get some cryopods.  That'll eliminate this issue the fastest.  If you tame an owl and build an enforcer it's a great way to defend blue orbital drops and get your self a few cryopods to help you hide your tames.  Good luck!

  16. 1 hour ago, Rio4201 said:

    I have a suggestion for the devs:  If you are going to continue to not address the issue of pet's getting lost due to server lag and latency, for the love of God, at least implement the s+ pet charm into official as a courtesy until it is fixed.  It's a nearly perfect solution.  As I am finishing up this post, my lost Argy that has been gone for well over an hour has just found it's way back to me. All I can say is.. wow.. can we say broken?



    They have 2 fixes for this actually.  The first one which has been around forever Aylana mentioned the Transponder node.  Every time I lose a bird or sea creature I kick myself 5 or 6 times for not putting one on it because they are cheap!  The next thing they added more recently is the dino leash which was also a great add and helps with these issues as well.

    The Cryopod is just another example of them constantly adding things to improve the game.  IMO the Cryopod is one of best quality of life adds they've ever made.  One of your gripes is the amount of time it takes to raise something and the Cryopod allows you to do it all on your own time.

  17. 12 minutes ago, d1nk said:

    Well said man. If I had more reactions I would like it 10x over

    LOL thanks man!  If I wasn't stuck at work I'd head home and play right now.  I have an itching to start a high melee character for this small tribes server I started on last night 😂

  18. I love Ark, it's a great game and so deep it's kinda mind boggling.  Here's the thing though, WC has created this game to the best of their abilities in order to appeal to everyone as best they can.  You want PVP? Ok we got that.  You don't like PVP but still want to play? Ok we got that.  You want a serious grind where you can spend hours everyday playing?  Ok we got that.  You don't have that kind of time but want to play anyways?  Ok we got that to (unofficial).  You want to play solo? We got that.  You want to customize virtually everything?  Ok we got that.  

    You see my point, WC has really tried hard to make this a game for everyone.  What other game does that?  Not only that, but they are still working on fixing alot of the issues you are talking about in adding things like S+ but you can only do so much and it all takes time.  If this game doesn't fit your needs absolutely perfectly? Well I guess that's just how it is.  Still one of the best games ever created IMO.

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