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  1. 8 hours ago, Khriss said:

    once again the test will be done on PC. As if they really needed to test it. The consoles are still put back and we would have had a better judgment and finally a pleasure to test this but we still have to wait. I'm not here to spit on PC players but I find this PC test completely useless and devaluing for us console players. The MOD S+ is existing and we ask them to test it? 

    I think you are forgetting that Microsoft and Sony are a serious pain to deal with for beta type downloads like this.  PC is so much easier because there isn't a certification process.  Just makes more sense this way IMO.

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  2. 13 hours ago, e4envy said:

    Something I've been wondering, with the kibble rework, how does this take into account requested kibbles during imprinting? Are babies just going to request any one of the random kibble qualities, or a specific one relative to their species' preferred kibble - i.e. will baby rexes ask for any sort of kibble, such as those that could be made from dodo eggs, quetz eggs, raptor eggs, all different sizes or will they only ask for kibble that matches the pulminoscorpius kibble (regularly used for rex taming)?

    Also, about the S+ integration, say I prefer some features that aren't being integrated or changed for main-game implementation, will the actual S+ mod still take precedence over the integration features or will there be conflicts?

    ThAt's a great question, they didn't really talk about imprinting which of course is a big deal.  If the babies still ask for all sorts of random kibble folks will still be taming different dinos.  That being said, it could offer a unique opportunity for trading with other tribes on your server.

  3. 7 hours ago, WienerSchnitzel said:

    Dude i know that. I'm just saying that duping is a thing and i can't imagine that a huge pvp tribe will tame 20 bee hives..They just have them

    I can, I remember just 3 of us on the Island one time going around and coming home with 5 hives so a huge tribe coming home with 20 in one night would be easy.

  4. I'm in agreement and trust me, I'm all about this is a survival game.  Last night I'm on my Owl and going to the spot at the very top, 0 lat, 43.5 long in order to get oil. Guess what folks? There is oil there for a reason, so you can harvest it!  It's a decent spot too, one of the best on the map.  Typically I fly from the snow region and I have a route I take and have never had issues with the screen going red, or insta-killing me.  Last night I was at the Sunken Forest so decided to hit my favorite spot on the way home so basically coming to it from the opposite side of the map.  Right around around 10 Lat, 34 Long it goes red. I try to turn away but instead I'm insta-killed.  So your telling me that 0 Lat 43.5 Long is a legit safe spot on the map, but not 10 Lat 34 Long? That makes no sense folks and so I was screwed because of a wonky shaped map. 

  5. Logged in to tame a few female dilos so we can tame an ank and a doed.  Ended up grabbing a level 120 direwolf. Tried knocking it out with tranqs but it died, should have brought the owl.  Flew to the north to checkout the oil deposits there. Saw a corrupted rex and Giga.  Kited the Rex down the mountain. I think the Giga wandered off. Got some Oil and Obsidian, ran from a Corrupted Wyvern and logged for the night after taming 3 dilos.  Funny how you login for a specific task and ADD sets in LOL.

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  6. It's amazing that people are complaining about some dinos becoming pointless.  If you tame a dino and it's only purpose is to sit on a ramp and lay eggs it's already pointless.  This way people can tame what they like without feeling like they need a dino just for its eggs.  Would you tame a Gali if you didn't need its eggs? Maybe? If so then great!  If not then tame what you like and use its eggs for taming other creatures you like. I think this is great!

  7. So I'm not going to complain about the EVO event because I'm not a whining baby like some folks but I am a little confused by the 1.5 cooking effectivemess.  Is cooking effectiveness and crafting the effectivemess the same thing?  I've never heard of them being seperate before so hoping to get some clarity on this one.

  8. 18 hours ago, PaleoJoe said:

    I am scouring the Internet for the right .ini file or whatever it is I need. I keep finding outdated documents from two years ago, or videos in German.

    I pre-ordered a server for Xbox. I want to do more custom stuff, which involved changing up engrams and per-species dinosaur stats, as well as supply drops and bosses. I cannot find any of that information. The best I can get is like two lines of cost someone needed help with, and that is it. Would anyone know of a dropbox, website, or video to help me out here? Thank you.

    We are going with a Nitrado server as well but I'm not the admin so I haven't had to look for this info.  I'll bet either SA Companion has something, or try emailing them directly and ask them for some insight.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Jabnlab said:

    Good luck, I've never tried without the classic flyers mod and a 220+ speed argent.

    Yeah try it in single player, it's great!  It's actually the first time I've ever taken the time to try a theory in single player first!  It got to the point where it was pretty easy.  Just fly in the small hole facing the beach and then move through there making sure there aren't any Wyvern.  You can even land a few times first to make sure you have plenty of stamina.  Once a Wyvern actually spotted me I'd fly back the way I came and then there's a little rock formation down on the beach with a small hole you can climb into where the Wyvern can't reach. It's about perfect :-)

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  10. First I played for about 3 hours on single player to fine tune my route for gaining Wyvern eggs from the Scar on Rag.  Took a bit but I think I've got it.  Then jumped on my official server for about an  hour and mustered together the materials to make an ascendant pteri saddle for maximum protection against wild Wyvern.  Tonight I make my first live run into the Scar, wish me luck!

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  11. Let me see. I used my Therizino followed by my beaver to go out and farm wood, cutting down wood with the Therizino and transferring it to the beaver. Repeat until beaver is almost encumbered.  Then I cooked the wood in the industrial grill to make charcoal, turned all that charcoal into gunpowder for bullets. Yep that's pretty much all I did last night other than install the 2GB update.

  12. 1 hour ago, Chipdiggity said:

    so before I make  a HUGE mistake I want absolute clarity. I currently play on xbox one on a center server and I bought the expansion and fiddled with it a bit just made a new character. well I would really like to take my character lvl 82 there and bring him back. I play pve if this makes any difference. Well I heard that you would have to have a tribe member invite you back to your tribe when you came back to the center map here is the thing I play solo I do have a tribe but its only me. So I can not have anyone invite me back. My question is without another member to invite me back will I loose my dinos and structures ( I have a BA house)? if this is the case I Will be asking for a refund because I do not have the time to spend leveling another character and getting set up on a new server so I would just stay on the center map period. thank you for any assistance 

    Try this out with a low level character on a different server and see if it works.  Assuming no issues then do it with the high level character you really want to transfer...

  13. 14 minutes ago, invisibleraptorpack said:

    also Cross-ARK Data Transfer might be a challenge ! I do not try again so if someone did, correct me if I'm wrong

    assuming I'm on the island with my lever 60 character and my dino, I'm going to an obelisk to make the transfer, ok understood

    now I have to go to scorched earth, for the first time, level one  !! not easy to go to an obelisk, but i manage to do this and I have my dino and character from the island.

    I do what I have to do and go to an obelisk to travel back to the island!

    as my character is on scorched earth, how do I go to an obelisk?? I don't understand how this thing works

    So you can't transfer your dinos and gear from Ark to SE.  You can only transfer your character.  However you can transfer everything from SE to Ark.  Make sense?

  14. 2 hours ago, Isho said:

    Just read it. I find this very risky since I've put in over 1500 hours in my survivor, base, tames etc. With all the terrible tribe settings and ownership Im definitely sure something will go wrong with tames atleast. 

    Then test it on another server with a low level character you don't really care about. That's what I'm going to do when I get home :-)

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