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  1. On 6/14/2019 at 12:51 PM, Cedric said:

    Weigh In: Legacy, New Servers, and New Modes

    We've been receiving feedback that the community is looking for new adventures. This may come in the form of new servers with the original experience or new servers with a twist.  You've been heard!

    Let's discuss some relative numbers.  Consider the amount we have servers now as 100% of the servers available for discussion.  In order for new servers to be established, we'll have to take from that 100% (what exists today).  Currently, we look for low population servers or legacy servers when we want to open new types of servers - as we did recently. 

    Legacy servers won't be getting support (mesh detection, enforcement, maps, etc).  There will be mixed feelings on this but do not expect legacy to be around forever.  With that in mind, what types of new modes/servers would you like to see?

    Legacy players, what makes you stay on legacy?  The community you've built up?

    I've love to play the new Classic servers but I'm on Xbox.  Creating some on Xbox would be fantastic.

  2. 7 minutes ago, AcyanidePancake said:

    you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move.

    and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace.

    and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.

    I'd be fine with that and I don't think it'd be used nearly as much as it is now.  The amount of work to either use a very slow Quetzal and possibly get it shot down might be too much for most folks, or any other method vs using an Argie or Wyvern would be acceptable to me.  Right now the current method of pick it up with an Argie or Wyvern really hurts the game.

  3. 16 minutes ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    Brings up a good point. And normally I would think, sure, you're risking riding a really weak dino around it's almost a decent trade-off.

    Then again, if the mechanic was intended that it was for guarding over bases, just disable it unless the dino is not moving at all. Problem solved. If you want to fly it some place. park it, (maybe give it a small cooldown), wait for the cooldown and then... pick it up and move again. Just to find a base. Fine.

    But that's a far cry from the way it is now. Turn it on, pick it up and zoom around the map.

    Or... make it so it just doesn't detect Reapers or purlos... solves some of the problems with hidden loot.

    I like your first option, or maybe if a Parasaur is being carried it can't detect.  The hidden loot mechanic is important, but so the ability to just create a hidden base in say dense trees while also being able to have a few dinos as well.  With the current Meta none of those are options anymore.

  4. 7 minutes ago, SMP said:

    As someone who starts with the small, hidden base, I'm not worried about parasaur detection at all.  I realize I'm at my most vulnerable in those first few days and grind to suitable defenses ASAP.  That's a small window of time to be caught by one of the few players who actually use the detection.

    It depends on what you call a small window.  For some folks who only play a couple hours a night max like myself we need maybe 5 days to get to the point of not worrying about detection.  5 days is not insignificant.

  5. The Parasaur and the find the hidden base meta

    Curious what folks think about this new meta where tribes carry a Parasaur around to find small hidden bases for raiding purposes.  In the past some folks, myself included would enjoy the idea of creating a small hidden base somewhere in order to allow them the time to stockpile supplies where at some point they may or may not build up somewhere when their ready.  This new Meta almost completely eliminates the ability to do this.  Instead we are forced to go out and attempt to acquire cryopods instead, and we must also kill ourselves or at the very least log off somewhere outside our bases.  Is this what the devs envisioned when adding these new abilities to the Parasaur?  Is it possible this was an unforeseen side ability where the real intent was to warn a tribe of a potential intruder instead and therefore being more defensive instead of offensive?  What do you folks who play PVP think about this and whether or not we should request WC to remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer.

  6. On 4/25/2019 at 8:23 AM, Arkaholic said:

    You can do blue orbital drops for easy cryopods. Let's not make the game to easy.

    Coming back to your answer again and let you know about my experience last night.  Playing on Small tribes server and friend and I tamed a couple of owls and went after a blue orbital drop.  Another guy said he was there first, ok cool. Off to find another one.  Found it now working on taking it out.  2 guys come over with Mana's and kill us both and our newly tamed owls.  This is the issue in a hostile PVP environment with getting cryopods out of blue drops.  They just take too long to complete and you are at risk of getting murdered while trying to get them.  With the Parasaur meta of people carying those around to find hidden bases you really need Cryopods early game just to keep from getting off-lined and there is absolutely no where to hide your tames.  by allowing folks to at least make them in terminals small tribes have a shot at surviving because at least in PVP no it definitely would not be too easy.

  7. On 4/25/2019 at 8:23 AM, Arkaholic said:

    You can do blue orbital drops for easy cryopods. Let's not make the game to easy.

    Sure, but you usually get what 2?  Each orbital drop takes a decent amount of time as well.  I'd be fully in support of having them craftable in a terminal if folks are against using the fabby.  Just something else besides the replicator.  I'm a small tribe looking to keep to a very small footprint and the replicator is huge and it doesn't make sense to need one just for cryopods.

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  8. On 4/26/2019 at 3:15 AM, asmodiandevils said:

    Let's not make changes. There is a viable market for endgame players and I have yet to see anyone gauge others. I have seen as low as 40 Ingots per cryopod. I do believe the status quo is fine. Also there is incentive for a player to purchase extinction which helps the longevity of the game. Also if you don't have a replicator ---- > MAKE FRIENDS and you will certainly enjoy the benefits of bringing your mats and crafting there.

    Yours is a very PVE answer.  Doesn't necessarily translate to PVP though.

  9. 2 hours ago, nuno2461992 said:

    Hi all, im new in these forums... i don't know if this is the right part to talk about this but the thing is, that im getting an error called Lowfatalerror or something like that. Pretty much what happens is i start the game and it just crashes when im on the loading menu or a few seconds after im in the game. I tried verifiying the files and it said that there were two files missing and they will be reaquired... i started the game again and it happen the same thing, and this was after the new patch came out, before that it was good. Any help? :( i tried so many things... don't know what else to do.

    I'd open a ticket with WC and also post in the bugs forum.  Good luck!

  10. 4 minutes ago, ArkP1 said:

    Ah, I see. Personally, I use a different character on every map because I’m always afraid an update or rollback will prevent transfers or delete my character. It’s a pain leveling each, but my dinos don’t starve and my bases don’t decay. 

    yeah and actually this works well with my new strategy as well in using different different accounts.  I've never actually lost a character due to a rollback or glitch, only to the before mentioned transfering a character over another in the same account...

  11. 42 minutes ago, ArkP1 said:

    You can only use one character for each account. Not everyone has multiple accounts. If someone logs onto the server where their lost character resides, it will delete it, and they wouldn’t be able to access any of their tribal stuff from the other character anyway.


    Nevertheless, if a person has lost a character due to the rollback, they might be best served by creating a new character on a map they haven’t had a character on. At least then, they can try to participate in the event and just transfer the colorful dinos to their other server when their original character is restored.

    This was my point.  ANYONE can create a 2nd account, at least on XBOX you can.  Some folks do it simply for the purpose of having a crafting character, in this case I'd do it so you can continue to play.  If you are in a solo tribe then of course you can't be added to your tribe, but if not then another admin can add your 2nd character.


    Also while I've created multiple characters, one for different maps on the same account I can't say I recommend it.  I've accidentally overwritten these characters by transferring my main onto that same map.  I've done this at least 2 or 3 times so I can't say I'll be doing things again that way anytime soon.

  12. Curious if anyone else is playing on these.  I played on CrossArk12 for awhile before the Alpha got bored and decided to just start wiping smaller tribes for fun.  Anyone else playing on these and what's your experience? I always liked the concept, but it's also a double edged sword in that if you piss someone off, or if for some reason they just decide they don't like you there's nowhere to run and hide to build up again.

  13. 18 minutes ago, EvilerSpartan said:

    @SaltyMonkey Then that would make the information you gave unnecessary, the post was specifically about Ark and being able to use MnK in game. Yea you might have been trying to answer bayr but he wanted information about Ark and MnK not about being able to use MnK for xbox in general.

    Then you posted to the wrong crowd if that was your question.  Clearly nobody here can tell you what WC is going to do regarding the ability to use a KB and mouse.  I'd suggest if that's something you want, post it in the suggestions forum.

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