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  1. Yep happening to me too after the 21GB update. Man that was a big one too!!! I guess they'll need at least one more before this is fixed. I've never had the dashboard thing happen until this Summer Bash event. 

  2. XBOX ARK dashboards everytime I play now

    I'm on an XBOX One X and I never DC where my friends do all the time. That has now changed. I will play and just be running along and screen goes black and then back to the dashboard. Anyone else experiencing this? Should I delete and reload Ark completely? I hate to do it but if it actually fixes it then worth it!

  3. Metal spawns on Extinction. Did they change them?

    I just started playing on Extinction again after 6 months or so of taking a break. Did they move the metal spawns? There was a great spot right outside the Show Biome towards the desert and I went there today and there were hardly any. Did they change the spawns?

  4. Love the Theri, my favorite tame!  Sure is a pain finding a decent saddle BP for them though.  When I did find one it was an ascendant BP which you would think is amazing right?  Well the mats for it being 35K hide, 16K fiber, 14K wood, and 6500 metal ingots.  Needless to say I didn't have anywhere to actually make it let alone gather all them mats LOL.

  5. 10 hours ago, SaltyMonkey said:

    Depends if you want all creatures to have 100% imprint or not. Find out the fastest maturing creature and set the imprint timer in minutes to just below that time.

    The formula is <Minutes>/480=<Imprint Interval>.

    Thanks, yeah I've tweaked it a bit and I think it's at a good setting now. 100x maturation and I set the cuddle multiplier to .3 which seems to be great.

  6. 7 minutes ago, diecidedad72 said:

    if you are using a nitrado server then yes there is. You can find it in the expert settings, its best to access this via a desktop interface rather than the app either on xbox or mobile app. Once you get the hang of adjusting things there it becomes really easy to fine tune the server to your liking. 

    Ok nice just seeing this. Here are the current baby settings:









  7. I always build a raft first and then build a box on top with a dino gate and instead of walls I use window frames. Leave an open doorway and room on the side to land and run to once the argie is trapped.  I've even left my pteri in there for the argie to beat on while I work on knocking the argie out, either way works.  My son likes to fly low towards the trap and then fly up and over where the argie flies right in instead of flying over with you.  To each his own, but I don't mind having the pteri beat up and even die as long as I get the argie it's a win.

  8. 3 hours ago, Piffguru said:

    Yea Ive heard. But Im just sad that eels can kill a 140 pt angler in like 30 seconds. while me on my 145pt meg and the angler are fighting back. This happened last night after luring a 145 alpha meg away from a deep sea crate on valguero. I come back to the crate, scout a little bit around to make sure I dont get run up on. Jump off the angler to get the drop and immediately im hit in the back by a school of 5-6 eels. Broke almost all my armor immediately and I barely got on the shark to save myself. Swear Im never going down there again without my basilo.

    and yet it's also one of the great things about this game IMO, the fact that you're down there minding your own business and BAM dead.  Just keeps you on edge all the time LOL.  I feel your pain though it does suck losing them like that because the Angler is pretty squishy.  Depending on the map there are good areas to use the Angler without being in an area where there are Eels.

  9. 1 minute ago, Piffguru said:

    Tamed 2 angler fish, on separate occasions. Both times the angler ended up dying on the first trip to eels. I hate eels... Most recent one was last night. What a waste of 2 hours.

    They are not nearly as bad as they used to be. Before they'd zap you and knock you off your mount and then leave you're mount completely defenseless. They also used to travel in packs of around 5 or 6 and they would beeline to you from super far away. Awful

  10. On 8/20/2019 at 2:10 PM, Aikar said:

    Underground mushroom cave system*

    The area under Valguero is not affiliated with Aberration.

    But I do recommend going to Aberration for some Anglers, as they are pretty easy to reach there, in shallow water.

    I don't recall me saying they were "affiliated", but they are clearly the same types of environments, and obviously the underground in Valguero was designed to look like Aberration.

  11. 14 hours ago, Kaprosuchus said:

    not complaining they did it.  was complaining that it seemed like an inelegant solution to allow lower levels to craft cryopods.  I have no problems with non-tek users crafting them.

    In keeping with the types of things that you can craft in a replicator it kinda makes sense.  I was looking at the list and everything you can craft in a replicator are basically realistic items from modern day and not futuristic items like the Cryopod and fridge.  If you look at it that way it makes total sense.

  12. On 8/9/2019 at 9:10 PM, Kaprosuchus said:

    this is really cool but it seems like a overly complicated work around. either make it tek, or make it not tek. ya know?

    I can't see complaining about it.  I have a small hidden base and my owls all cryopoded.  I had 1 day left before I needed to figure something out and without the ability to transfer back to Extinction it was going to get real. Being able to quickly craft 4 cryopods in a nearby drop was pretty amazing.

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