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  1. ah ok. I do think indoor Velos would be fun welcome guests so thought you might be talking about something like that.
  2. Wait, in boxes? Please explain I love Velos for added base defense, but not sure what you mean by the in boxes part.
  3. Good example. We just raided a base last night and they had species X and turrets. Once we drained the turrets we still had to contend with the Species X. Were we successful, sure but we also ended up making a couple of mistakes as mentioned above and we were killed by a couple of dinos when we were trying to avoid the Species x. This means that we are now in the tribe log as raiders instead of unknown. Now if the tribe has allies who are willing to help them they could come after us since they know who we are. This is just another example where species X are cerrtainly not worthless.
  4. Oh wow, yeah the Alpha Rex's can be tough if nothing else because of the knock back! Raptors and Carnos though no problem.
  5. I have a tribemate level 102 with high melee and health. He solo's alpha raptors with a sword wearing prim flak.
  6. I tamed a Velo last night and when I went to the terminal there was a countdown timer before it'd let me upload it into the terminal which is normal. once that timer hit zero I'd click on it to transfer and it'd give me the warning "are you sure you want to do this? It might delete your dino" Or something close to that. I'd click accept and then nothing would happen. I did this multiple times and finally had to give up and get a cryopod from a friend. I'm not new to Ark and have transferred my birds many times so this appears to be a bug.
  7. I know it sucks to lose a raft, but that fear and heart racing when you are tring to get from the mainland to Herbivore island and then suddenly hit by a Leeds is exhilarating!
  8. Since the introduction of the CryoPod the 12 hour delay for transferring dino's is now completely antiquated, so what's the point? Please remove the 12 hour restriction on dino's that are being transferred the old fashioned way. Not only that alot of the time the transfer is broken anyways. I tried transferring a Velo I'd just tamed last night and after the 15 minute timer on the terminal it still wouldn't let me add him to the OB. It was very frustrating and with Cryo it's really not necessary anymore anyways.
  9. We actually I built a pretty great trap for taming them so I have to agree with others they were very easy tames. I haven't actually used one since the nerf, but I'd imagine if you crank stam into them and weight they'd be pretty amazing transports now instead of just used for PVP.
  10. I use them to make necklaces to sell to other tribes. They are quite attractive.
  11. I totally understand auto-decay for PVE, but I wish they'd leave it off for PVP. This has been so nice I love it this way.
  12. You are so right, this game was the best when I was a noob but it's still pretty great . All my friends used to play, even my 2 sons used to play, but now it's back to just me. I was recently wiped by the Alpha on our cluster for no reason really and yet I still play. It was nice though getting that break when they wiped me. Gave me a chance to try something else besides Ark for a change. Now of course I'm back at it. I guess I never learn LOL
  13. Oh I liked that one, it was super fun!
  14. I don't think you guys are paying attention. For the past few weeks WC has really stepped up their game in both the communications dept as well as in working on counters to meshing. I think you guys need to start reading the community crunches...
  15. Or you could just try your luck on Rag and Center where they are much easier to get. On Rag in Viking bay there are tons as well as other spots in the south. On Center Mosa's are really too common and easy to find Alphas. The other option is to go to Extinction and find yourself a black pearl Gacha.
  16. I'm sure you put in a ticket already correct? I'd give them 4 or 5 days and I'd imagine they'll get back to you in that timeframe. I know alot of folks lost characters in that last update so I'm sure they are still working through those so it will probably take a bit. I'd recommend power leveing your other character which will be best for you in the long run anyways. It's always nice to have 2 good high level characters IMO.
  17. I'd open a ticket with WC and also post in the bugs forum. Good luck!
  18. Go to Extinction and get yourself some Owls. Super fast tames and they are awesome for scouting and also very helpful in taming with their healing ability. For getting Wyvern Eggs I highly recommend you get yourself some Griffins from Rag as well. You can't breed Griffins, but they are fast and fairly tanky so good for getting eggs in the Skar.
  19. I agree that would be interesting. Folks would certainly make sure the front door was where they kept all their defenses for sure.
  20. I'm a fan of turning building damage down, but addiing offline protection as well? That's going a bit too far IMO. Might as well play PVE.
  21. They do need to fix the models for the Owl. I hate that you can't dismount from one in a 2x building but need it to be 3x. They should make the model act more like the Argie for sure.
  22. Unless they've changed them, I've found that Snow Owls lay eggs more frequently than Argies.
  23. I'll vote as well. I love the painter, but yeah it's a pain to have to check all checkmarks every single time!
  24. Great question! I'd assume your server has standard levels up to level 150 correct? So alot of folks would say don't breed them with good reasons, but I'd say it depends on what you want to use them for. If you are thinking you'd just like some nice looking Rex's around to go around and maybe do meat and hide runs and you'd like the experience with breeding then why not? If you are thinking you'd like to use them for Boss fights then no. If it was me I'd consider finding an opposite gender for the 195 in order to try and keep the color but also start working on a stronger Rex for fighting bosses and ditch the 86 all together.
  25. Funny this sounds like me right now, minus the sad part maybe LOL. I havne't don't alot of raids yet though tbh, but the ones I have raided I actually feel deserved it. Think about it, they choose PVP but then build a base on the beach or near a popular spot on the map with basically no defenses? To me that's just asking to be raided and it can only help them by abligiing.
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