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  1. I'm thinking about taming a Tappy and trying that approach. Any thoughts?
  2. They are the same. Polar Direbears are white and can be found in the snow in certain spots. That's basically it.
  3. Does the in air quetzal trap still work? What's the current best way to get one? Fyi I dont have access to Griffins.
  4. I saw someone else laugh at your suggestion, but actually it has merit. If a wipe is necessary, which with all the duped gear out there I think it just might then why not at least reward everyone with an elevated and extended evolution event, it just makes sense to me. I wouldn't necessarily omit breading either since the larger tribes being wiped will of course lose a ton of bred dinos as well. This should and would of course apply to PVP official servers only and not PVE.
  5. You are an angry little man aren't you? LOL Ok man still, I don't support removing the Leeds. If you are by all means put a suggestion in the suggestions forum instead of crying here and using your little condescending words. Have a nice day.
  6. You are incorrect. I've done this exact thing, on Small tribes no less which is a raiders haven. I've never had someone sink a boat used like this. Also you are incorrect, Leeds DO NOT spawn around Carno. Could you lead one there? Probably but if folks do that it's very rare. Also if you are worried about Mana Raiders, the last place you want to try and hide is in a raft LOL.
  7. Ok then use Species X to defend from Leeds. If your out far and hidden from players, then how are these players finding your boat? See, the issue isn't the leeds, it's the fact that while cool, boat bases aren't really ideal ways to hide your stuff. Your best option is to make a boat with hidden storage and park it somewhere like near Carno where beach bobs can't get it and most folks won't care.
  8. Melcreif

    Rare Flowers

    In the starter Island area on the outer beach section down below there is a nice little patch of rare flowers.
  9. Oh nice, I need to check that out thanks!
  10. LOL dude you think I've never lost a raft to a Leeds? Don't be so salty I think they add alot to the game. Also on the Island there are places you can build a boat base i you want to where Leeds don't go. Just stay away from Herb Island and try somewhere around Carno.
  11. Ah no I haven't I'll have to try that tomorrow. thanks!
  12. With transfers disabled please disable auto-decay as well Folks like me won't be able to transfer to our other bases and reset the auto-decay timer with transfers disabled. Please disable auto-decay as well!
  13. With the disable of transfers they need to add disable auto-decay as well. I have a small base on Extinction that I'll probably lose now due to auto-decay...
  14. Seems to me in the past you were able to transfer your established character to the new map, just couldn't transfer any items. Wasn't this the case?
  15. Wow, this is a long ongoing thread over a kinda hilarious idea. I for one think the Leads are pretty great. I decided to take a stab at small tribes (brutal), and in order to make a bunch of narcotics unmolested I made a quick raft and ventured to Herb Island. I looked around, made sure nobody was around and quickly tamed a Parasaur. Once done I managed to make up about 700 narcotics unmolested. I then jumped on the raft and traveled back across those dangerous Leads infested waters. I made it! Man the tension though of just hoping a Leads didn't spot me and ruin all my work was priceless. I wouldn't take that experience and feeling away as in the end it's amazing.
  16. If you build a small hidden base and don't have tames yet, make sure to kill yourself before you die or that guy flying around with a Parasaur on enemy detect will find you! If you already have tames ignore this message as you'll probably be wiped in the morning
  17. Comparing meshing with carrying a Parasaur around to find hidden bases isn't comparable, try again. Nobody is suggested that the Parasaurs ability should be removed, only that it's currently way to easy to find hidden bases and creatures. One thing that drew me to this game was how you could make a hidden base in the woods and it could be hard for someone to find it. If you have even a dodo at your base this tactic is over.
  18. I'm simply stating that you can't relate to the subject, it actually doesn't seem to affect you, so why bother us with your dribble?
  19. Clearly this thread was not meant for you. You can go away now
  20. If you've actually followed the thread you'll note that folks have come up with very good ideas to counter the crazy bad mechanic that currently exists of flying around a Wyvern or Argie with a Parasaur looking for hidden bases. Yes, this is happening all the time thanks to Youtubers like HOD gaming for sharing this mechanic it's happening more and more. If folks are determined to find hidden creatures and bases let's not make it all so easy for them shall we? Most folks hide bases because they don't really have any good defenses up yet and choose to hide instead. It's a cool tactic that's alot of fun and is completely ruined by the new Parasaur carry meta.
  21. I've love to play the new Classic servers but I'm on Xbox. Creating some on Xbox would be fantastic.
  22. Sorry I didn't move this hear. Not sure it's a bug just a question LOL
  23. Is Classic PVP Mode coming to console!? I'd be curious to try it out if there is plans for console because it looks like it could be alot of fun!
  24. Any chance this mode will be coming to console? I'd love to try it out!
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