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  1. If you play on unofficial there are some great mods people are adding that make the game pretty fun. You may want to check out one of those.
  2. If so, can you tell me where you found it? I'm figuring caves but not sure which ones to check. Thanks!
  3. Yeah it can be rough. Try messing with the settings for video may help. My guess is they will continue to update in hopes of fixing this but it may not be noticeable immediately.
  4. I haven't really noticed the lack of dino's, but I'm playing on unofficial. The story maps have always suffered from lower level dinos vs the non-story maps like Center and Rag. It's been that way since the beginning. It has something to do with difficulty setting on these maps.
  5. I would say when hitting orbital drops it was so much faster to land, grab the loot and fly away was massively faster in ASE. I've found the fastest way to grab loot now is to use the right bumper, transfer my crap to the drop and then back again. Do you think you could actually use the system you mentioned faster for this purpose or just standard transfers?
  6. I love Ark and I rarely complain but this UI is bad and it makes me sad and annoyed. Easy transferring items from one place to another is gone, you can do a quick transfer from your inventory to another, but not easily the other way around. The curser is pretty clunky and seems tailor made for PC. Can anyone point to any improvements at all over ASE? I'm not seeing any. The menu system for changing anything is super clunky with needing to hit right trigger to select. I can go on an on this just seems like a major step back with the UI in my opinion but I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts.
  7. Interesting question. I have had issues on my Gen2 server, but didn't realize folks were having issues on other Gen2 servers. Good to know! The strange things I've had happen lately are I've had 2 dedicated storage boxes disappear off my ocean platform on Gen2 at different times. They would be there forever and then one day I had one with over 200K Element Shards just vanish. Then I had another one I was using for metal which was also on the ocean platform and it vanished as well. Looking in the tribe log neither one of them were listed as decaying, being destroyed or anything. Just gone. Then I logged in today and noticed the bed for my Stryder in space wasn't showing up. My stryder there is in a small metal building next to a TP so I transferred via TP over there and the Stryder was gone. Building is closed and nothing in the tribe log. Very strange...
  8. I think it would be a great idea if WC would have the Carcharodontosaurus drop a heart that works the same as the Giga heart. Trying to do the Dragon boss on Furdur on PVE has become so difficult now.
  9. What's really strange is not only can you not stack dedicated storage on each other when building on the Ocean platform, but you also can't stack them next to each other either. It seems to me that it should be irrelevant when it first came out. Even if it was Gen1, all the other maps existed so clearly they didn't do a good job of testing it. Like you mentioned, I'll create a ticket since it certainly can't hurt.
  10. Still defeats the purpose of calling it an Ocean Platform. Should instead call it a shallow water platform LOL. If that's the case, no need for it at all.
  11. Thanks, it's a very strange error, or whatever it is. I don't know why they'd release something as interesting as Ocean platforms and then make them so limited.
  12. Has anyone found a workaround on this issue? The Ocean Platforms won't allow you to stack Dedicated storage above or next to others ones for some reason which is so annoying.
  13. There aren't any transfers to the new map anyways. I'm on CrossArk12. I'd just create a new character on Lost Island if I were you.
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