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  1. I'm on PS4, and this has happened to me. I've lost 3.. one was a level 303. I read on another post that the mesh detentions might be causing it. I'm on SP though, so idk if that system works on it. But you're not alone on this one. It's wicked annoying! Cause I've also been having issues with dinos not spawning in.. even with my dino count set at 8. So finding a good level Ferox has become a headache
  2. I noticed this! When i was watching livestreams of other people, they were getting attacked by barys, piranhas, etc. I went look for a bary when i got the map, and no such luck. I felt like the maps were empty.. even with my dino spawn rate set at high. Makes so much more sense now
  3. So it's effecting multiplayer as well? Damn. Good to know I'm not the only one though
  4. I'm on SP, and my ps4 crashed in the Artic biome. Rolled me back a good 45 mins and i lost a high level tamed Equus. My settings also got reset, and this morning i saw they were reset again. Both General and Advanced
  5. Game Crash, Settings Reset Heyy everyone.. so my game crashed on me last night on the new Genesis map. I was in the Artic Biome.. about N-NW trying to find a Ferox, and my settings, General and Advanced, had completely reset. I was also rolled back about 30-45 mins, lost a high level tamed Equus, and my Yuty was rolled as well. This morning i saw the settings are reset again.. thankfully the game itself was where i left off. While I'm use to the crashes, thanks to Ragnarok, having my settings reset and being pushed back that far is kinda annoying. I'm on PS4, single player, and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this yet?
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