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  1. At this point I'd say bulbdog alpha is a much harder mission than downriver run unless you have a whole group of people working together. My tribe bounces between unofficials a lot and I'm the designated mission person, and at this point alpha DRR isn't even that bad (usually takes 5 tries or less on a new server). It's not about being lucky - it can definitely be done with consistency. It's just unforgiving and takes a lot of practice to be able to reliably complete it. The most common issue I see a lot of players have is that they point the boat in the direction they want to go witho
  2. Circuit Chase (alpha) - You have moderate room for error. Most of the run is just running in a straight line. The main run killer is the three back to back jumps about 30 seconds into the run. If you miss a jump from one platform to the next, cancel and restart. DRR - Team is much much much easier than solo. A perfect run solo run in the team mission takes around 6 minutes, so you have 4 minutes of spare time to make mistakes with or take things slowly and carefully. non-team is much much harder, with only about 15 seconds of spare time from a perfect run. There's really only one way
  3. The more you know about exploits, the easier it is to find new ones. If they posted that info, you would have far more people discovering far more exploits. Occasionally they do post info on that stuff when the particular bug/exploit is extremely widespread in the community (like when they fixed the snow owl infinite freeze for example)
  4. It's really difficult but not impossible. I've done the mission on multiple different servers. I think 50-100 attempts is a typical first completion range.
  5. What difficulty are you having? Gamma star dolphin should be pretty easy - the point requirement for the gates is comically low, nothing does damage, and everything but the boss waves is easily 1 shot.
  6. I love how hyperbolic the first response to this post is compared to reality. Skipping the first 2.5 mutations on a breed line by farming 10k mutagel is tantamount to destroying whatever longevity this game has left.
  7. A 50% giga only has 6 points in melee. You have a low level tamed giga and then rolled low on the attack stat too, which is the only relevant stat for a giga. Even then it still does about as much damage as a 400% rex.
  8. Races have bad rewards. Hunts and dungeons award substantially more and higher quality loot.
  9. I mean, they learned a bit. All the missions can be completed, some are just extremely difficult. Unlike Gen 1 where you had things like the physically impossible king of swing mission. I spent about 3 hours yesterday grinding out alpha canoe attempts and finally completed it...
  10. You just shoot them with your primary lasers - they don't die in one shot though. It's really important to upkeep your buffs as much as possible, especially since the laser damage nerf affected damage in the mission. The asteroids take like 10 shots if you're unbuffed, but fully powered up should only take 1-2 shots
  11. I don't know if it's still the case, but it used to be that certain admin commands couldn't be used because the words were filtered
  12. Reiv

    Genesis 2 Gamma

    Racer is super easy cause the racers just slaughter the rexs, the hard point is they need significantly more torpor to ko. The bulbdogs are slow, which is nice, and on gamma you can bring a tame with you and effortlessly slaughter the carnivores disrupting things. On higher difficulties it's easier to just use the net gun on the carnivores which locks them down for long enough that they despawn when the hunt time runs out and you're chasing footprints again.
  13. Reiv

    Genesis 2 Gamma

    Take your best tranq weapon and get to work. You can use rare flowers to prevent them from running away. I've also seen people suggest a high melee Mantis with an ascendant club but haven't tried it myself.
  14. Reiv

    Genesis 2 Gamma

    Yeah, at the time I posted that I had only done StA on a 600 max wild server that made the DPS check absurdly high. I use bow/comp bow as my weapons of choice, but same idea. It was much easier when I did it recently on a server with vanilla dino settings.
  15. This spreadsheet is the best publicly available information. We're waiting until the devkit of course until we have the exact drop tables, and it's very possible some mega tribes have more data internally than this.
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