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  1. Ark PvP Solo is Still Possible, and This is How As a solo player in ark you can't have a massive crafting station with 6 Indi. forges, 10 fabs, chem. Benches and a base with loads of full cryofridges and vaults protected by a few hundred turrets. You just don't have the means and definitely not the time to pull it off. Even if you managed to find idk 15 hours of free time to solo farm a nice metal base with some turrets you could still be soaked and raided all while you are offline. So how do you have an enjoyable solo experience on a pvp server. Every thing revolves around this simple technique. Build a small maybe 1x2 stone base with pestles, a bed, forges and a smithy. Then eventually you can add a top floor with a fab. Storage boxes hidden underwater in coral, its dirt cheap and the odds of someone else finding it are 1,000,000 to 1. Hide everything valuable in these hidden loot boxes raiding and pvp kits, bps, cryod dinos and everything you need to rebuild that little 1x2 and get back on your feet when you get raided. Oh and yeah tbh it would be impressive if your cozy little base would survive a week. When you get raided you loose you basic resources, jump servers build up in a hidden spot and do it all again. Also keep these few tips in mind when playing pvp ark as a lone wolf -Messing with the alpha tribe would be suicide -Do Everything assuming your are about to be ambushed -You won't have tek, just accept it -Learn how to use whips, bolas, simple pistols, snipers as they dominate pvp -GO OUT AND ACTUALLY PVP, blowing in someones base, gunning them down making huge profit off of there works is hella fun and kind of comes with the title "PVP" -Don't be an asshole cause it hurts the ark communty as a whole and is pointless Master these tips and teckneques and your solo experience can be just as good as one in a large tribe.
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