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  1. I agree. Aberration is scary at the best of times. With how well the City Terminals work in extinction it seems like an easy solution
  2. I have the same issues if my game crashes during transfer. It’s unlikely you’ve managed to dupe yourself though you can easily check by logging in to the server and seeing if it prompts you to make a new character.
  3. Anti-Drowning Mechanism I think it needs to be more clear when a Dino is drowning. I lost a Doed the other day because it ran into two inches of water defending itself and drowned. It looked like it’s head was well above water
  4. It has always seemed odd to me that the Doed will harvest when held by an Argy by an Anky will not. Support this!
  5. I definitely advocate for this change. I'm always worried that my dinos are starving because it's not obvious if their 'eating' from an empty trough. Had to hand feed on a number occasions to prevent certain death.
  6. As a returning player, it must be said that the kibble overhaul is a MASSIVE improvement over the old system. Has mad my recent excursions much more enjoyable.
  7. I'm also looking if anyone is happy to have someone tag along. I can pay for the privilege in ingots.
  8. I’ve heard it’s possible on 1x so not sure why it wouldn’t be on 3x. I suspect you’ll have to monitor it carefully though, so there will be no downtime.
  9. Is this true for cooked food too? Often The cooked meat in my inventory seems to reset after I’ve waited for the transfer timer to countdown. It’s never really an issue since it’s easily replaced but always noticeable.
  10. Single ‘foundations’ have an accelerated decay timer to prevent people spamming foundations everywhere. Adding any adjoining piece is the way around this though I.e. a ladder or second foundation etc.
  11. Looking forward to attempting to recover my lost Chibis
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