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  1. Still not fixed, but a GM was in channel today to help me with another issue and I brought it up to them. They said they were not aware of this issue but would contact the Devs and make sure they were aware of the problem.
  2. Been getting this all day, did you fix this on your end or was a patch deployed to fix it?
  3. a little time to kill with the servers down, lets bump this again to get this idea a bit more visibility.
  4. Sweet, no lines, no waiting, everything free and open to tame and build on. I vote for no x2 for the next couple of months!
  5. just a bump to get it noticed again, get some more votes going!
  6. DarthOxx

    Roll back two week

    This also happened on PVE 549 Valguero
  7. did you put in a trouble ticket to get a response? once i get home from work i will be. about two weeks ago the server melted down and was down for like 8 hours, when it came back it had a new IP address and was mirrored off the old server that crashed. it looks as if with this update they updated the old, non mirrored server and let the last two weeks of work we all did die. NM just submitted a ticket, did not feel like waiting.
  8. I logged in before work and can tell you the entire new base I built is gone, it was rolled back to before the Valentines day event. 2 or 3 weeks worth of work is gone.
  9. Number of hours/days left of fuel in generators and other objects Ive always liked the idea of being able to walk up to a generator and having a line above hitpoints or name showing remaining fuel time. This way I wouldnt have to break out with a calculator and doing the math. For example, im doing housekeeping, picking up paste from my gacha, clearing plots, cooking food and drink, and filling troughs. Id like to be able to just walk by a generator and have the floating text tell me 6D14H27M of fuel left inside it. This would also come in handy for Grills/Forges/Replicators etc. Even i
  10. Its down one more time, fingers crossed that this one isnt 6 hours also.
  11. Official Val549 PVE down for 5+ hours I was wondering if there was an update on Val549 PVE its been down for over 5 hours now and I havent found a posting about it anywhere.
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