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  1. Considering buying my own Private Server, and I could use some advice... So, as the title says, I got Ye Olde Potato working again, I'm down in Australia and I'm bloody well sick of the rubber-banding on official servers because people who've been breeding since Beta insist on building massive bases over the top of resources and filling them with hundreds of dinos, lagging the server and spamming pillars all over the map. Figured that it would be in my best interest to buy a private server, rent it off Nitrado and go from there. That said, this is my first attempt hiring a server,
  2. I appear to be having a similar issue. I try to log on but none of the servers seem to be responding. I tried going in through the Steam>View>Servers method, and even then I get a message "Unable to query server for invite info" and "Server is not responding". When I tried to access any form of online play, no sessions appeared that I was able to join. Is this an outage or has something more sinister happened to my account?
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