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  1. Invisible bog creatures?? I started out on the bog biome a few days after release, and for some reason I keep hearing Argentavis, Snow owl, and sheep sounds coming from under the map(?). Plus the whistle bug is really annoying. Also the big feroxes never seem to unfollow, no matter what I do.
  2. No loot crates? I traveled almost the entire map on Hambone my Thylacoleo, and I haven't seen a single loot drop. What's up with that? I've also been having some issues with the game crashing.
  3. A small tribute to the tames I've lost in the past:

    Crawly; sarco, killed by alpha raptor

    JumpForce; managarmr, killed by meganeura while unconcious

    Griffin; accidentally killed by my own lightning wyvern

    Tangerine; Thylacoleo, got uploaded to the green obelisk and never came back

    Buddy; Jerboa, killed by a daeodon

    Rest in sphaget, never forget

  4. Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to the game but I'm a big fan. 

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