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  1. Me and my friends have been playing Ark since Summer 2015. In that time we have created so many memories. We started off playing on Official Server 95 and together we worked our way from a small group of fresh spawns on the beach with two trikes and a raptor to a tribe to be reckoned with, we had land and an alliance with one of the most well known tribes in the server. We expanded and I went off on my own adventure to the North, building a small cabin in the woods. After we were targeted by the server's alpha tribe we expanded even further, merging with some of the smaller tribes to create a very strong opposition, building a fortress around my once small northern cabin. We went to war and we lost. We began playing on my own private server that I run from my computer and in that time we have jumped and explored every official map. Tackling the original ark, sailing the seas of the centre and now we are currently surviving in the searing inferno that is Scorched Earth. One of my personal favourite moments has to be on The Centre: Thankfully me and my friends have been screen-shotting our memories and one day i decided to delve back through all of our memories and compile an enormous album of some of our fondest memories (imgur.com/a/Vnumw). In this time I have also created a short YouTube series entailing our adventures which I regularly rewatch to reminisce about fun times we've had. Ark is the only game that I can boot in the early afternoon and sit up until the sun has gone down and come back up, I can't tell weather that's a good thing or a bad thing yet but what I can say is that I've enjoyed every hour that I've put into this game so far and I can't wait to continue playing after launch and see what else the Devs have in store for us.
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