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  1. How could this be intended?! Velonasaur is almost entirely useless now, can't hit anything. It's clearly broken.
  2. How is it possible there's no hotfix for this yet?! HOW?! Wildcard manages to amaze me over and over again with such disregard.
  3. Exactly the same thing happened to me. Yet another game breaking bug.
  4. Exactly! This has been obvious for a long time. Happend to other teams and games (TW comes to mind). I guess it is, ultimately, our own fault, as players and customers. Each time we bought an expansion we actually voted YES to this kind of treatment from this company. Well, I guess children and fanboys will be happy because of this announcement, because they don't understand or they don't care.
  5. Don't call someone insane just because you can't see through obvious bs!
  6. Hm, for example, after the Friday's patch, if you played with a mek for 3 minutes you would have realized it is completely broken now. So I don't know about that numbers game, testing and all...
  7. Yes, I've been having this issue on my server too. Before friday's patch mek worked fine. After the patch it's sword animation is fixed (it was choppy before) but it can't hit anything with sword anymore. It's completely unusable now. How is this still not hotfixed?! PS. What's with the mek's hidden food stat? Will it ever be fixed? Or the fact that it can be poisoned by scorpion, that you can be dismounted from it by purlovia etc.
  8. Yeah, keep diverting resources from fixing the core game to nonsense like this.
  9. I understand both viewpoints here. But just to share my experience from today. I downed lvl 145 rex, it had all stats average, dmg below 30 points. I almost decided to kill him, but in the end decided to tame him. After the tame it had all stats average, but dmg was very high. By my calculation it received around 35 levels post tame into damage (I took into consideration taming multiplier and additive bonus for that calculation).
  10. I don't understand why any of you would support DLCs like this and be happy about them, while in the same time the core game stays severely broken, having same, unsolved and extremely frustrating bugs and other issues for years. You support the fact that wildcard ignores it's community, it's promises and yet again does the money grab, instead of solving long standing issues with the game. They kept the same approach they had with scorched earth, when they actually released a paid DLC before main game was even finished (yes I'll mention that). Now they're doing it for the third time. I stopped playing ark not for the lack of content, but because all of the annoyances that still exist in it, but could be easily fixed. Those annoying bugs and design flaws create so much fatigue and frustration during gameplay. From time to time I get back and start playing again, but quickly realise why I quit in the first place. I keep hoping to see things fixed in some update (OK, many issues got fixed eventually, but many of the most annoying ones still exist), but instead I see the same old wc tactic from early access- pump in flashy new content that you can show off in a cool trailer to attract more customers, ignore the problems with the core game.
  11. What is this?! Pokemons?! As much as I love to see new content, I'm sick and tired of these fantasy/sci-fi themed DLCs and other similar additions. There are plenty of fantasy/sci-fi games out there. Ark started as an rather unique open world survival game with dinosaurs and other extinct animals and I, as many other people, in spite of all the bugs and problems, loved it for that. But then, it deviated so much from that over the course of years. Devs, haven't you at least for a second thought that, instead of adding all this flashy, shiny laser/robot content, it would perhaps be better to actually finish the core game?! Wouldn't it be great if animals actually had some AI behind them, some PATHFINDING perhaps, that would enable them to detect and avoid obstacles in their surroundings, instead of mindlessly walking in place with half of their body stuck in a rock for example?! Wouldn't it be great if you fixed clipping, damage logic, animals disappearing or countless other bugs that I can't remember that are still present in the game?! After all that, wouln't it be super great if you made animal behaviour more complex- herds, migrations, nests, wild babies and their protective parents, tracking, ambushing, sleeping, wild carnivores that actually behave in a manner that makes sense, instead of going on a killing spree the moment they get spawned and until they die etc. etc. I think it would ENRICH this game a lot, lot more than a new content DLC like the one you just announced. I want a counter for that!!!
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