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  1. This is the last news of genesis almost 2 months! I am not disturbed but if this does not arrive in January in the other week starting February reimbursement this I can not believe that they really do not give us more information please take something out please the community needs information of genesis!
  2. wildcard do you want to fix? Well, let's think about ps4, fix the (TIRON) that you give when you open the inventory of a creature or the survivor's own inventory. Listen more to your community. You have an excellent game but you are leaving this horrible game right now, it does not give us a clear date. of genesis and each of the cedric publications in the community are just things we already know and try to always avoid the date (if you do not have the work that has to have been completed more than a month ago and would almost be 2) do not publish something that does not know exactly if it will be launched or not, maybe today try to avoid as usual the date of your DLC but if this does not come out in January I will reimburse this pass of genesis and not because they delayed it, if not to stop side to the community and also to stop talking about this dlc we have not talked about genesis since (December 9)
  3. We do not rush them with the launch of genesis but they have not given us any more information not even a mysterious image or anything and the worst thing is that we are excited to get the dlc on the date but then they say nothing of the dlc or anything information (it was obvious that they were going to delay genesis what I am talking about is that they do not give us any more information or release date) please understand the community that they are people and have lives but if they did not take out the dlc in better time they would not have given departure date ...
  4. No quiero ser pesado ni a nadie aquí y sé que es una molestia preguntar y forzar a los desarrolladores en sus juegos, pero ¿tiene una fecha oficial para enero para el Genesis dlc? ahh y por cierto feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo a todos.
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