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  1. Need Experienced Admin for My Roleplay Server For any details on the server and the application process, message me
  2. NEW MEDIEVAL ROLEPLAY SERVER- THE FORGOTTEN VALE - Xbox/PC - 300+ members - 70 concurrent players on weekends, 50 on average https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPMgRcPPqZY Watch the official trailer here. We already have 300+ members on the discord, with 70 concurrent players on the weekends, making it one of the largest RP servers. The server focuses around Gods, religions, conquerable regions, class types and world bosses. If you want to be an assassin, a viking, a dragon rider, live in an underwater city you can. Discord is https://discord.gg/HjJfBm or uETgCjQ
  3. New Unofficial Xbox/PC Roleplay Server - The Forgotten Vale Today we will be releasing a new roleplay server the likes of which I don't think ark community has seen before, I have put the last month into making sure this server is great for you guys, the trailer speaks for itself but I'll sum it up. Countless roleplay opportunities without the fear of being griefed, fun and engaging pvp, rich server lore and progressive story that triggers server wide events, 6 Unique Classes, 9 regions and medieval hierarchy, 14 religions and Gods. Server is on Primitive Plus btw for immersion. Discord Link is https://discord.gg/uETgCjQ Click Here to See the Trailer for The Forgotten Vale
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