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  1. Cool, thanks Yek! I'm not against giving it a try again, just disappointed cause I spent a long time hunting alphas the other two times. Also, I wanted an excuse to be able to wait til I get one of the genesis chibis and level that. I have turned in maybe 200 coal, about half that in mistletoe, and gotten tons of present drops, and still havent gotten a single genesis chibi. I was figuring there was some other way to get them, but no, someone on my cluster did get one from gachaclaus, so I'm just unlucky!
  2. Hrm, I've seen a different thing. It showed correct, had 139k xp. But then I kill and alpha and it suddenly gave me xps like it had zero (I now shows like 4900, and level 1). It never showed zero tho when it had some. I think I'm still just waiting for a patch announcement around it before I go back to alpha hunting!
  3. Is that Wildcards understanding too, or just a hax folks figured out around it? Id like to know they know about it and have it in a bug squish list! I did read your post, but leaving things uploaded makes me nervous. There is a timer and if I don't get on for a day or something I'd hate to lose it forever!
  4. Same thing happened to me - I googled last night cause twice now I had a chibi at level 2 or 3, and it reset. No posts, so I figured it was just something happening to me. Basically it had xps levels. I THINK I logged off between times. The on the next alpha kill, my xp acted like I had zero and applied that kill. Last night I went from like 139k of 545k needed. Killed an alpha crab, then it said I had 4900xp of 30,000 needed and was level 1 again. Second time it happened to me. Like I said, I *think* it might be cause I logged off. I got it to level 3 all in one sessio
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